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Fixed Ball Valve Features and Benefits

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Fixed Ball Valve Features and Benefits

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One, fixed Ball Valve:

1, double block and emission features: the fixed valve seat by spring preload variable, whether the valve is fully open or fully closed state, on the downstream side of the seat so that the fluid is blocked, the body cavity through the discharge valve to discharge the retentate.

2, automatic pressure relief feature: the valve body cavity caused by temperature rise residence medium when an abnormal pressure, without going through the safety valve, and pressure relief valve seat function alone automatic, which ensure that the safety valve in the delivery of liquid medium is very important.

3, structural fire safety: fire safety valve functions are available, the design, manufacture were followed API607 and API6FA specifications.

Advantages of two, fixed ball valve: 1, sealing grease emergency ambulance: as the foreign media or fire caused by accidental failure of valve seat seal, valve grease and grease gun provides a fast connection, import pump conveniently and quickly injected into the valve seat seal grease sealing parts, ease leak. 2, reliable stem sealing and low operating torque: in addition to setting the standard sealing ring, the packing gland has also set up "O" ring, double sealed to ensure the reliability of the valve stem seals; addition of graphite filler and seal fat into the fire so that the valve stem leakage to a minimum. Stem sliding bearings and thrust bearings so that the valve is easy to operate. 3, full bore or reduced size: according to the choice of full size or necking structure. Full bore valve flow aperture consistent with the inner diameter of pipeline, is convenient for pipeline cleaning. 4, the stem can be extended: the need for the installation or operation, the valve stem can be lengthened. Extension rod, ball valve, particularly suitable for city gas and buried laying pipelines occasions. Long stem size according to customer needs to be determined. 5, flexible operation: use of a small friction coefficient and good self lubrication of the valve seat and stem bearing, greatly reducing the valve operating torque. So even if not provided in the case of grease, but also the long-term flexibility of the valve to operate freely.


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