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The Prospects of Pneumatic Actuators Handwheel in China Markets

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From the beginning of this century 10-20 years, will be the rapid development of the Chinese pneumatic actuators handwheel industry, constantly adjusting, undergoing profound changes, the formation of a new pattern period.

A good future for pneumatic actuators handwheel prospects

China 's pneumatic actuators handwheel market is huge potential for development is also very full , with the improvement of technology and equipment level all walks of life in our country, as well as the introduction of increased automation of production lines and equipment , is expected to 2020 , the market demand for Chinese products will continue to grow pneumatic . The majority of companies such as pneumatic actuators handwheel industry can seize opportunities, identify the location, take a good road, when to seek greater development. Estimated that by 2010 , the total output value of China's mainland pneumatic products ( including foreign ) will reach 50 billion yuan , an average annual growth rate of approximately 15%.

With domestic pneumatic actuators handwheel components to improve performance and quality, and have a clear price advantage, the export volume in the coming years should also be increased greatly. Expected after five years, the value of domestic exports of pneumatic actuators handwheel components from 033 million yuan in 2002 you should know, increased to 100 million yuan or more, the annual growth rate of about 25 %.

China’s pneumatic actuators handwheel industry faced with international standards

Our pneumatic actuators handwheel industry in the mid-20th century through the 1980s, before the initial stage, before and after the turn of the century the growth stage, as China's accession to the WTO, it can be said that it has entered a new stage of development - and the international integration phase. WTO will promote the production process of a business, a group, a completed within countries, globalization and the international division of labor to the transformation of production. Our business is also expected through the electric actuators handwheel line with international standards, the active use of both domestic and foreign resources and markets, access to new development opportunities in the international division of labor.

It is expected to accelerate the development of pneumatic actuators handwheel technology

Current trends in pneumatic actuators handwheel components and technology development are: lightweight, miniaturization, modular, intelligent, non-oil based, integrated portfolio , mechatronics, the system sets, energy-saving environmental protection, and low power consumption , low noise , high-precision , high speed, high response , high reliability, long life , high safety ; emphasis on the use of new materials , new processes, integrated application of new technologies ; in mechanical and electrical integration of systems and equipment , highlight the pneumatic actuators handwheel technology and optoelectronics, information , control, etc. In this regard, the domestic pneumatic actuators handwheel companies according to their own conditions and market demand, the development of a focused selection of objects, accelerating the pace of technology and international standards.

Industry in general carry out ISO9000 quality standards , based on the ISO14000 environmental standards and actively implement the ISO18000 security standards , enterprise management system more robust , more sophisticated to meet international standards and requirements.

China’s pneumatic actuators handwheel industry is a vibrant and promising industry, but also a competitive, full -changing industry. China pneumatic actuators handwheel industrial arena and the protagonist is not the only part of domestic enterprises, China’s pneumatic actuators handwheel market may belong to the world, and the world can belong to China air market.

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