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Some Information About Handwheel Development Trend

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A semester is coming to an end, to examine this a semester to the learning effect of plastic mould design, comprehensive detection theory in the practical application ability, in addition to the usual test, the more important thing is the theory with practice. So we will try to complete the course design, our curriculum design topic is: handwheel development trend.

The curriculum handwheel development trend topic is derived from actual production, which have features like wide application, but molding difficulty is relatively difficult, die structure is relatively complex, and mold design of handwheel development trend is a very good test for the students as our beginner.It can strengthen the understanding of plastic molding principle, and exercise on plastic molding design and manufacturing capabilities. The handwheel development trend use the handwheel injection mould as the main line, based on the analysis of the molding process, the mould structure analysis, finally the mold design and calculation of all the process and a series of mold handwheel development trend. These classes can help us achieve good effect in our major. At the same time of the design of the mould we summarizes previous general methods and steps of mold handwheel development trend, mould design of commonly used formula, data, die structure and parts.In addition to using traditional methods, in the handwheel development trend at the same time we also use the AutoCAD, Solid Works software, etc.

Plastic parts forming process analysis

Butadiene with toughness, impact resistant properties;Styrene has advantages of easy processing, high smoothness and high strength.From the point of view of form, ABS is a crystalline material.The three monomers polymerization has produced the terpolymer with two phase, one is the continuous phase of styrene-acrylonitrile, another is the dispersed phase polybutadiene rubber.The properties of the ABS are mainly depends on three kinds of monomers and the ratio of two phase in the molecular structure. This can has a lot of flexibility in the product handwheel development trend, and producing hundreds of different quality of ABS material in market. These different materials offers different features of this different quality of material, such as the higher impact resistance, from low to high smoothness and high temperature distortion characteristics.

Injection molding process conditions dry processing: ABS material has hygroscopicity, which requires a drying process before processing. We suggest that under dry condition is at least 2 hours under 80 ~ 90 c dry.We should guarantee the material temperature is less than 0.1%.

How to determine the electric actuators , consideration is more complex. Because the electric actuators is under the conditions of plastic parts molding location, design of gating system, molding process of plastic parts and precision, insert position shape, as well as the method of launch, mold manufacturing, and the influence of many factors such as exhaust, operating process, therefore when choosing electric actuators we should do comprehensive analysis and comparison to decide a more reasonable solution. Choosing a parting surface we generally should follow the following principles:(1) the parting surface should be chosen at the largest section products, whatever the form of plastic parts is decorated, we should see this as a first principle;(2) to facilitate smooth from plastic, therefore we should make the plastic mould in dynamic model. (3) to ensure the accuracy of plastic parts.(4) as far as possible to meet the appearance of the plastic parts quality requirements.

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