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Limit Switch Selection Guide of Pneumatic Actuators

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Limit switch selection guide is one part of pneumatic actuators and is critical to control it. So it’s necessary for us to know more about it.

Pneumatic actuator and the regulating mechanism is a unified whole, the actuator diaphragm, piston, fork type and rack and pinion. Piston stroke length, applicable to large thrust applications have requirements; and film type stroke smaller, can only directly drives the valve rod. Fork type pneumatic actuator with large torque, small space, the torque curve is more in line with the torque curve of valve characteristics, but not very beautiful; commonly used in large torque of the valve. The gear and rack type pneumatic actuator has the advantages of simple structure, stable and reliable operation, and safety and other advantages, in the power plant, chemical industry, oil refining, have been widely applied to the production process of the high security requirements.

Pneumatic actuator mainly consists of cylinder, piston, gear shaft, an end cover, sealing parts, screws and other components; it should include the opening direction of complete sets of pneumatic device.

Its internal structure includes travel limit, electromagnetic valve, positioner, pneumatic components, manual mechanism, signal feedback and other components.

Limit switch selection guide of pneumatic actuators are used to switch the limit position limiting movement of mechanical equipment. Limit switches have contact and non-contact. Contact more intuitive, the moving parts of machinery and equipment, installation of the travel switch, fixed point and the relative motion of the installation position limit block, or are the opposite of the installation position. When the mechanical contact switch into a block, cut off (or changed) control circuit, mechanical stop running or change the operation. Because of the inertia motion machine, the travel switch is "super travel" to protect the switch from damage. Many non-contact form, there is a common reed switches, photoelectric, induction, which forms can be seen in the elevator. Of course there is more advanced form.

The limit switch selection guide of pneumatic actuators is a kind of small current master appliances. Usually, this kind of switch is used to limit the mechanical movement position or travel, make the mechanical movement in a certain position or travel automatic stop, reverse movement, variable motion or automatic movement etc..

In the electrical control system, limit switch selection guide of electric actuators detection is the role of sequential control, positioning control and position.

In the actual production, the limit switch selection guide of pneumatic actuators is installed in the prearranged position, when installed in the production of mechanical moving parts on the module impact travel switch, limit the contact action switches, and circuit switching. Therefore, the travel switch is a kind of based on the moving parts of the trip position and switching circuit of electrical appliances, its action principle and buttons.

Limit switch selection guide of pneumatic actuators are widely used in various types of machine tools and lifting machinery, terminal limit protection is used to control the stroke. In the control circuit of elevator, also use travel switch to control the switch of elevator door, automatic door switch speed limit, the car, the lower limit protection.

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