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Filter Regulator of Electric Actuators for Sale

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Filter regulator of electric actuators for sale.

In the thermal power plant, hydroelectric power station, metallurgy, petroleum chemical industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing enterprises for water supply pipeline, because of water from rivers and the sea water is different, so a variety of impurities, such as: industrial waste in the water, float grass, fish and shrimp, snail.

Industrial rotating back flushing filter regulator of electric actuators for sale into manual rotary back flushing water filter, electric rotary back flushing water filter and automatic back flushing water filter, filter, the following manufacturing industry has obtained the very good application in the production of industrial and mining enterprises: the circulating cooling water system in thermal power plant, hydroelectric power station, petrochemical, iron and steel smelting, printing and dyeing, papermaking and textile, the heating water system and other water supply pipeline.

Filter regulator of electric actuators for sale uses

Filter regulator of electric actuators for sale installed in the water supply pipe plant, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industries on the pipeline filter, mainly for the following DN500mm, and has the following advantages;

1, the water filter has small dimension, easy field layout and installation.

2, Increase the flow area flow, water filter screen material and structure to maximize, effectively reduce the filter water resistance, to ensure reliable operation without card, plug, plug phenomenon, and greatly prolong the service life of the filter.

3, water filter using 3-6mm stainless steel plate stamping, net core should be differential pressure can withstand 150 Pa, not deformation, not broken. Have the characteristics of long service life, corrosion resistance, no rust, and surface smooth, no scaling.

4, Filter regulator of electric and pneumatic actuators for sale through the differential pressure control, automatic timing starting speed reducer can be positive reversal, has strong decontamination effect, sewage water consumption.

Filter regulators of electric actuators for sale structure

This electric water filter to backwash type structure, is mainly composed of the rotating shaft of the electric speed reducer shell, stainless steel brackets net core and into the outlet, composed of the electric valve, electric control box.

Filter regulators of electric actuators for sale principle

If the user selects automatic water filter, he can choose the pressure difference and timing of sewage discharge.

1 Differential pressure blow down: when impurities accumulated to a certain amount of time, the cooling water inlet and differential pressure signal between the water to backwash sewage, differential pressure transmitter signal is connected to the control signal, the control mechanism to open the electric drain valve, you should know electric speed reducer with RPM 3-6 operation, the flow to the attached to the network core wall. The impurities are through reverse flushing, drainage pipe and blow down valve into the cooling water outlet pipe.

2 If users need can be set discharge time, discharge time setting in 0-99 hours, let the electric speed reducer reverse the drain valve is opened, followed by reverse flushing drain.

According to the need and possibility, customers can manually open blow down control button, examined the use of system operation mode.

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