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Conventional Valve Parts Tips and Solutions

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1, Conventional valve parts tips: gland of pneumatic actuators leakage: this is the main reasons of run, run, drip, leak, as we often can see in the factory. Causes of stuffing box leaking can be listed as the following points:1) Packaging is not adapt to corrosion resistance, temperature and working medium.(2) The packing method is wrong, especially packing hovering in the root can easily produce leakage;(3) Stem machining accuracy and surface finish is not enough, or have joviality, or have a notch;(4) Stem pitting corrosion has occurred, or due to a lack of protection in the open air and rust;(5) Stem bending;6 Packing has been used for too long and causes aging;

Method to remove packing leakage is: (1) Correctly choosing packing; 2) Use the correct method to load; (3) For stem processing is unqualified, we have to repair or replace it. The minimum surface roughness must to achieve del 5, more important subject needs to achieve del 8 or more, and should have no other defects;(4) We need to take protective measures to prevent corrosion, for those have erosion we need to change them;(5) The valve stem has to bend straightening or update;(6) For packing that has been used after a certain period of time, we need to replace it. (7) All landowners must pay attention to the steady operation, slow open and slow close, to prevent temperature changes or medium shocks.

2, conventional valve parts tips: closure member of pneumatic electric actuators : usually we call gland leakage is out leaked and closure member leak as in leak. Cosure member leak is inside the valve, it is not easy to find. Closure member leak can be divided into two kinds: one kind is sealing surface leak, another kind is seal root leak.

Reasons of leakage are: (1) Sealing surface grinding is unwell;(2) The sealing ring, valve seat and valve disc have no tightness;(3) the disc and stem connection is unreliable;(4) stem bend torsion making up and shut down out of the picture;(5) Shutting down too fast will make bad sealing surface contact or already damaged;(6). Improper selection of materials cannot endure the corrosion of the medium;(7) Seal face cannot endure the erosion of the high-speed flow medium;(8) Today, some media after the valve closed cooling, makes the seal face in thin seam, which also produces erosion phenomenon;(9) Some uses threaded coupling between the seat and disc on sealing surface, making it easy to produce oxygen concentration cell, loose corrosion;(10)Sometimes the valve core can be plugged by the embedded impurities such as welding slag, rust, dust, or mechanical parts production system, so the valve cannot be locked. Prevention measures include: (1) Before use it we must carefully test leakage, once we found that the sealing surface leakage or seal leaking roots, we need to deal with it before we use it again;(2) We need to check the valve parts in advance, we cannot use stem bend torsion or disc and unreliable stem connection valves.

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