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Changing Frequency Vibrations of Electric Actuators

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The experiment results of electric actuators have showed that the frequency of the electric actuators sphere rotation is directly proportional to the flow rate of plastic valves. It is also found that the electric actuators ball tends to reach a steady state at a certain rotation speed. The linear relationships between the electric actuators ball rotation and the number have also been found in an experimental manner, which is coincided very well with the theoretical calculation that is represented by electric actuators equation. There is also qualitative agreement with the result of the electric actuators computational simulation as well as the numerical calculations. Both types of calculations are introduced for different diameters of the electric actuators ball. Findings that are related to the electric actuators vibration have indicated that the frequency of vibration also depends upon the flow rate.

On the other hand, the experiments have also showed that the frequency of electric actuators vibration of the ball is proportional to the angular velocity as well as its rotation in the regimes of the stable conditions. The dependency or relevance of changing the frequency vibrations of the electric actuators ball can be measured from different diameters of the ball. That is why the experiments are carried out to show an increase of the frequency vibrations for different diameters with an increase in the electric actuators number. A computational model of the periodically separated, high number flow electric actuators can be observed in the hydraulic ball check valve. It can also be developed with the help of computational dynamic software since the code can be used to solve time dependent equations. It has been proven that such problems as the conservation of mass and the momentum can be achieved in an easy manner with second order accurate in electric actuators without any doubt centered finite volume. This method is based on unstructured grids whose computation domain is divided into more than one hundred thousand grid elements of edge size.

As a matter of fact, there is a strong smoothing region around the electric actuators ball which is different from the pneumatic actuators and a medium region in the pipe after the ball wake region. The electric actuators simulations also include large eddy simulation turbulence modeling that is constructed based on a well-adapted local electric actuators model. Due to the high number simulations, the electric actuators wall shear stress of the ball can be modeled by using the instantaneous law of the wall. Because the simulated flow is assumed for spatial momentum equation and for pressure, according to scientific research results, the calculations can be run for more than ten thousand time steps with less than three seconds. The electric actuators will yield more than ten iterations per time step.

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