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Best-selling Pneumatic Actuators

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Advantage of best-selling pneumatic actuators

1. Accept the spirit of continuous signal, the output linear displacement (after add electricity/gas conversion device, can accept a continuous electrical signal), deserve to go up after radial, angular displacement can be output.

2. best-selling pneumatic actuators have a positive, the reaction function.

3. Movement speed, but slower speed when the load increases.

4. Output force related to the operating pressure.

5. High reliability, but after air break valve cannot keep (after the position control valve can keep).

6. Inconvenience to implement piecewise control and program control.

7. Maintenance is simple, good adaptability to environment.

8. The output power is larger.

9. explosion-proof function.

Best-selling electric actuators advantages: Compact double piston gear, rack structure, meshing precision, high efficiency and output torque is constant. Aluminum alloy cylinder block, piston and end cover, and the lightest weight compared with the specification of the structure of the actuator. For the extrusion of aluminum alloy cylinder body, and the hard anodic oxidation treatment, the inner surface quality of a material is solid, strength, high hardness. Low friction material of sliding bearing is adopted to avoid the direct contact with each other between the metal, low friction coefficient, flexible rotation, and long service life.

Pneumatic actuators and valve installation, connection size according to international standards with ISO5211 DIN3337 and VDI/VDE3845 design, are interchangeable with ordinary pneumatic actuators. Air hole is in accordance with NAMUR standard. Pneumatic execution bottom of shaft assembly (with ISO5211 standard) into double square hole, easy to linear or 45 ° Angle with square bar installation.

1 the top and at the top of the hole of the output shaft are in accordance with NAMUR standard.

2 at the ends of the adjusting screw can adjust the valve opening Angle of.

3 best-selling pneumatic actuators of the same specification with double act and single acting (spring reset).

4 best-selling pneumatic actuators can choose direction, according to the requirements of the valve clockwise or counterclockwise.

5 best-selling pneumatic actuators according to user need to install the solenoid valve, the locator (opening instructions), letter opener, all kinds of limit switches and manual operation.

Best-selling pneumatic actuators: GT series valve pneumatic device

GT series valve pneumatic device is a new developed output shaft rotation Angle is 90 ° part back to the transformation of pneumatic actuators. It can be combined with ball valve, butterfly valve such as pneumatic valve, also applies to 90 ° rotation movement of the other mechanical device. The product through with electromagnetic valves and other accessories can complete two position motion control, and continuous motion control (automatic adjustment control) of different requirements. User can choose according to actual needs.

Best-selling pneumatic actuators: Italy pneumatic actuators (mar) biggest structural features different from other actuators is its unique fork type, plus a number of patented technology, the pneumatic actuator is far superior to other counterparts.

Best-selling pneumatic actuators are small volume, light weight, torque, long service life. The pneumatic actuator adopts the "single cylinder double piston - fork type variable torque transmission structure, and low friction and long life of multipoint orientation patented sealing technology, and selects the PTFE - carbon graphite for standard piston sealing material, make its regulating switch when the torque output torque conform to the requirements. In addition, the "pausing of OMAL pneumatic actuators - joke" structure, large torque is specifically for the valve starting point or close the biggest movement characteristics and design points required torque, novel structure, flexible, converts linear actuator piston motion output shaft rotation, produce 50% greater than the ordinary gear rack pneumatic actuator start torque.

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