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Few Things about Pneumatic Piston Actuator

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Due to the impact of traditional application, the application of pneumatic piston actuator is confined to the large thrust. This is because the location of air pressure is over 140~250KPa, and 700KPa gas source is located of poor reliability. Now, this problem has not existed, locator 700KPa above the pressure can be used for a locator to realize. In other words, the positioner, 140~250KPa can be used for occasions, and can be used for 700KPa pneumatic actuators, thus, we should change the traditional gas source locator practices one use 700KPa, with the piston actuator instead of starting the film executive body, the size and weight of the pneumatic control valve further down, so I can predict application of pneumatic piston actuator will be more and more widely.

The pneumatic piston actuator is composed of a standard valve independent of design, development and manufacturing. The constitutions and the regulating mechanism are a unified whole. The pneumatic piston actuator’s action and reaction are in the two forms. The so-called positive role is signal pressure, putting downward; the reaction is signal pressure, putting upward. The executive body of the output displacement and input air pressure signal is proportional, and when signal pressure is greater, the displacement rod will be greater. When the pressure and the spring force balance, the push rod is in a stable position.

More intelligent, smart valve positioner is becoming indispensable, because pneumatic piston actuator develops continuously. Intelligent valve positioner is installed inside the micro controller with high degree of integration. The electrical balance (digital balance) and the principle of force balance principle are going to replace the traditional, the control command into pneumatic piston actuator positioning increment to achieve valve control. Signal using digital open, stop, turn to drive pneumatic executing agency action and the valve position feedback signal is directly through the position sensor with high accuracy to realize the function of electric / gas conversion. Intelligent valve positioner is to increase the output force and movement speed, accuracy of adjustment, overcome the stem friction force of pneumatic piston actuator, to achieve the correct positioning.

Because the pneumatic piston actuator mechanism has the advantages of simple structure, large output force, steadiness and reliable action, safety explosion-proof, in the chemical, oil refining and so on are widely used in the production process of higher security requirements.

Talking of pneumatic piston actuator operation, the device should be disconnected manually. The pneumatic actuator debugging should be recognized before the air pipes, pressure, voltage, signals meet the requirements. And the pneumatic piston actuator can be installed directly connected with the valve, also can be connected through the support and the joint, as long as the connecting fasteners are not loose. People need to ensure that the electric actuators output shaft coaxial with the valve stem is installed, and flexible rotation has no creeping.

And there are few things which should be paid attention to in the maintenance period.

Most importantly, if packing is outdated, the machine should be replaced as long as it is damaged. And the machine should wear the trapezoidal screw stem, stem nut and sealing surface wear.

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