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Why Is Air Filter Technology So Popular

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Air is an important material for people, animals and plants to live, without which living beings will die soon. Only good air quality can provide animals and plants good breathing effects, but due to worse air condition at present, there are many impurities and poisonous gases in the air. These gases and impurities do harms to living beings’ breath. They may cause respiratory diseases after they are absorbed by human beings, which threaten our life.

We can see that in many workshops and laboratories, air filter regulators has a high efficiency for air filtering, which can effectively remove toxic gases and impurities in the air. Air filter is generally placed in vents of workshops and laboratories, with the purpose of providing superior and safe air.

Air filter refers to air filter unit, which is generally used in for cleaning plant, workshop, laboratory and clean room. Moreover, it is used in electronic communications equipment machinery, which is connected to electric actuators.

Air filter technology is used to produce air filter device for people to protect their breath in the beginning.

Now I am going to introduce some of characteristics of air filter technology. Filter uses special leak prevention technology, which ensures filtering effect. Filter shell lumen is treated by anodic oxidation treatment, and filter shell uses epoxy resin powder coating. In addition, it adopts boron silicate glass fiber imported by developed country, which can filter solid impurity and oil mist effectively, thus oil mist excluded. Moreover, the fiber diameter in the filter equipment is tiny with smooth surface.

Air filter technology has become more and more popular with advanced technology. It was born at the request of the market requirement. Environmental deterioration decreases air quality, making the air contains many impurities and toxic substances, leading to the result that it is difficult for goods to be stored. In order to create a good environment and ensure goods storage security, people use high efficiency air filters technology to filter the air.

Air filters technology also made great progress in some years later, but it mainly used in some dangerous industries like production of harmful chemicals as respiratory protective equipment.

The rapid development of air filter technology is closely related to the rapid development of military industry and electronic industry in 1950s, when the United States made a deep research on the production process of glass fiber filter paper, making air filter technology improved and developed.

And in1960s, HEPA filter was born.

At present, every country is trying their best to study air filter technology, it is estimated that there will be a more advanced air filter not long after now.

As people’s living standard enhances constantly, they pay more attention to health. I believe in the near future, air filter technology will have a new breakthrough, which can bring healthier and more comfortable environment for us.

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