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Which Makes Pneumatic Actuators Play A Huge Role In Our Life

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The pneumatic actuators having a long standign of reputation is quite common, many machines are equipped with pneumatic actuator, in in various fields of industry, such as machinery, electronics, steel, vehicles and manufacturing operation, rubber, textile, chemical, food, packaging, printing and tobacco machinery. At present, the pneumatic actuators having a long standign of reputation has made great progress in achieving high pressure, high speed, high power, high efficiency, low noise, long life, high integration, miniaturization and lightweight, integration, perform flexibility and many other aspects.At the same time, because it works closely with microelectronics technology and it can deliver large amount of power and can be accurately controlled of within a little space, which makes pneumatic actuator more play a huge role in all walks of life.

1. In the food processing and packaging industry, pneumatic actuator is widely used because of its health, reliable, and economy. Such as after harvested asparagus, we can adopt pneumatic actuator to peel, and gently remove the bitter fiber, then we can get delicious tender tips of bamboo shoot without damage.In beverage factory and winery, pneumatic system can achieve soft scraping, even if the glass is larger than allowed error, it will not be broken. This is mainly due to the air in the cylinder is compressible, its role as cushion, air claw can easily adjust to different size, in order not cause broken glass.Of course, this advantage can be applied to the whole glass products production, glass products production is another area of the pneumatic actuators having a long standign of reputation.

2. The vast majority of pipe production process of each production department can adopt pneumatic, such as non-ferrous metal smelting industry. In the process of smelting, the occasion of high temperature, dust should not be driven by motor or hydraulic transmission, we often adopts safe and reliable pneumatic and electric actuators , such as blast furnace door opening and closing is often performed by pneumatic.

3. In light industry, function of electric control and pneumatic control application are roughly equal. All situations that output power requirement is not big, action stability or control accuracy requirement is not too high, we can use pneumatic, plus, the cost is much lower than electrical devices. For viscous liquid (such as toothpaste, cosmetics, paint, printing ink, etc.) for automatic measurement we often adopts pneumatic filling, it can not only improve the work efficiency and reduce labor intensity, and for some liquid is volatile and flammable, using pneumatic control is safe. For the pharmaceutical industry, cigarette industry and other fields, pneumatic actuator because its not polluting and has the advantages of stronger, so it has broad application prospects.

4. Pneumatic actuators having a long standign of reputation is also widely been used in military industry. For electronic device without cooling is hard to work under the condition of the high temperature of 300 ℃ above, so the modern aircraft, rocket, missile, torpedo, such as automatic equipment are mostly in the form of pneumatic, because with compressed air as power energy, it has small volume, light weight, even is more small and light than energy battery with the same volume.

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