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What are the Air Units and Some Tips for Filter FAQ

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the air compressor is one of them. While more and more people know or hear about air compressor more or less, they haven’t known what Air Units is.

What are the Air Units? Generally speaking, they are referred to the filters, compression release valve and oil sprayers applied widely into pneumatic transmission system. The three parts are the most indispensable source of pneumatic system, installed in the next of gas equipment, was the last guarantee of compressed air.

There is no reason to replace their status in the field of pneumatic transmission system as the result of their respective functions. The filter FAQ is primarily responsible for filtering impurities in the compressed air, and pressure reducing valve is mainly responsible for the control of system pressure, and oil sprayers are responsible for the oil lubrication for the back-end components. So their installation order is very strict, must follow the sequence of intake, respectively, filter FAQ, compression release valve and oil sprayers. Now the filter and the compression release valve may be integrated and there are some optimizations in the structure on it. Therefore, the current Air Units are not traditional one in the sense of it. The driving unit or operating system of the valve is named pneumatic actuators which are mainly divided into three kinds according to driving energy, respectively, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators and electric actuators .

Now we can have a look at some frequently asked question about filters which is called filter FAQ. First, the filters are just installed in the same size, can they be used? Second, is it good or bad for regularly replacing the filter? Third, does it matter to continue using the used one when there is nothing wrong with the filter element.

Next there are some tips for Filter FAQ mentioned above. As for the first question, filters are used to protect the engine and equipment from the dirt to avoid causing damages in it. Many domestic manufacturers simply imitate the appearance of the original cartridge size, but in the choice of material, the production engineering and performance index of it cannot meet the requirements. By using this kind of filters, the engine will lose protection and performance degradation will result in loss of life. With regard to the second question, People have this question who merely regard the service life of the filter FAQ as quality standards of the filter. Eventually, it depends on both the efficiency of filtering and service life. A good filter manufacturer will consider all performance indicators of it when designing and producing the filter. There are many serious problems and loopholes in inferior filter FAQ in the present market, cannot meet the requirement of engine manufacturers technology. So you’d better use the filters with high quality brand, by do so, you can worry about regularly changing it. Concerning the third question, in the case of normal operation of the engine, lots of harmful impurities may enter the system through the inefficiency or poor engine filters, and have begun to cause some damages for your engine component such as wear and corrosion. These hidden damages will be revealed through a period of time, finally causing serious damage to the engine and equipment and directly making you to undertake the huge economic losses.

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