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What are Limit Switch kit and Electric Actuators

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Many people may have the question about how does the elevator know when to stop? When people forcedly open the lid of washing machine, the washer will stop running in order to protect the people around, which is very common but really important in our regular life. In industries, there’re also lots of similar device used to judge the position of the critical components. When producing in the workshop, it is quite necessary to precisely confirm the motion of some components just like the goods on the production line. Thus engineers have invented limit switch kit and electric actuators to control the machine and complex system. Here are some basic introduction relating to the limit switch kit and electric actuators , which may do some help for you to get to know the basic principle of both domestic applications and works.

In history, limit switch was designed firstly to control if the place is the ending of target object on production line, which is also the reason why people call it “limit switch”. It determines the limit of the motion of production. Generally speaking, there’re two main types of limit switch kit according to the way they contact to the target object, which are contact-type and noncontact-type. The contact-type limit switch will trigger the subsequent reaction when the target object does physically contact the inductor of limit switch. However, the noncontact-type limit switch reacts through the light, spring and other kinds of signals. Normally, the elevator use the noncontact-type limit switch to judge if there’s a person are standing between the doors of elevator. Additionally, automatic door also use the noncontact-type limit switch to observe the passing people.

Nevertheless, the FLOWX Limit switch can acquire the signal that the object is coming while the electric actuator is used to start and control a machine with the orders from limit switch. So we can simply say that the electric actuator is an important part of limit switch. Form a technical view, the electric actuator is a motor which can cause a linked reaction such as moving a elevator while the limit switch is more like a “switch”, which can turn on the electric actuator when limit switch is activated. As the rapid development of technology, the limit switch is widely used in many industries all round the world for its irreplaceable advantages. It’s cheap and reliable. Besides, the modern limit switch is easy to install and maintain. By using limit switch, the whole system can easily get the information regarding to motion of object. It can tell the system whether there’s an object is passing of coming, which has definitely practical value in engineering

On the basis of introduction above, I believe you have already known what is a limit switch and electric actuator. Well, they are quite close to our lives, right?

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