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What about the Actuator from China

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The continuous growth of demand in domestic market for pneumatic actuators has driven the effective increase of industry economic benefit of not less than 20%. Enterprises attach great importance to the technological transformation and improving the production capacity and the quality of the base type product has got a general improvement and has advantage in price, enhancing the competitive ability to survive of the enterprise. Many companies have had special products in high pressure and large diameter, which expands the supporting capacity of domestic products and creates conditions for further expanding of the market.

However, there is still a large gap between the technology of the actuator actuator from china and foreign technology. After the introduction and localization of product manufacturing technology in the 1980s, the base type product with enormous quantity and wide application is in lack of secondary development. In the face of the development of new technology, new material, new technology, since the innovation consciousness and ability are not strong enough, the base type of actuator from china has entered into a new round of "aging" period compared with the product abroad. Intelligent, main line product has not yet formed the brand and the user awareness of high-end product is not high, actuator from china is still mainly relying on overseas set, China's purchasing foreign actuator products having reached about 3 billion Yuan in 2005.

Pneumatic actuators technology mainly refers to the technology of electrical and gas valve positioner and electric actuators controller, whose development direction can be summed up to three aspects: intelligent, digital and energy conservation.

(1) Intelligent

In many petrochemical enterprises, the actuator from china is set high and works under bad work environment, so the monitoring and maintenance are extremely difficult and the production halts caused by instability of regulating valve performance brings production difficulties to the enterprises. With microprocessor as its core, intelligent positioner is not affected by environment and has the advantages of convenient adjustment, being easy to maintain and remote monitoring, representing the development direction of the locator.

(2) Digital

Both 3 ~ 15 psi pneumatic signal, and the scene 4 ~ 20 mA dc current, are analog signals, and information flow can only be one-way. With the development of digital communication technology, digital technology is also applied to the actuator from china, which is consistent to the requirements of fieldbus technology. At present, HART digital signal superimposed on the 4 ~ 20 ma analog signal is mostly used, that is to say, the analog signal and digital signal are mixed for use. The pure digital two-way communication that satisfies the foundation Fieldbus specification is the inevitable trend in the development of intelligent field instruments.

(3) Energy conservation

Pneumatic energy conservation refers to reducing power consumption and gas consumption. Compressed air is generated by the compressor and reducing the air consumption is to reduce the compressor power consumption. Traditional electricity/gas conversion principle also needs continuous consumption of compressed air even when the actuators are in stable state. Piezoelectric micro valve uses switch principle to cut off the gas source when the system is stable, which greatly reduces the air consumption. In addition, the current through the electric actuators is small and the power consumption is low. Using this kind of electricity/gas conversion device with low energy consumption, fast response, stable performance and long service life must become the mainstream of actuator from china.

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