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What Is the Electric Actuator Manual

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Do you want to know electric actuator manual? Let's begin the electric actuator manual with the electric actuator parts. The spare battery plays an important role in the actuator control system and here are the two main functions: (1) when the main power is in outage or malfunction stops normal work, the spare battery can ensure that we can also see pneumatic actuator’s LCD screen displaying the various states and the degrees of valve opening and closing when we make manual operation; (2) when the main power is in abnormal work, spare batteries immediately work to ensure that the index and the opening index of the valve that are stored in storage unit of electric actuator will not lose, offering the electric actuator manual for operators.

Electric actuator manual: when the battery power is low, the electric flow from BAT - TEST into micro controller is less than the value we set before. Then the backup battery in the micro controller is lower than the procedure and the alarm system will operate to remind the staff in the control room that standby battery is not enough and should be replaced. Since the BAT - TEST is directly connected with microcontroller pins and backup battery uses a 9 v battery, its voltage is higher than the working voltage of the micro controller. According to the actual electric actuator manual, to protect the micro controller from being burned, a high value of the resistor R2 should be placed between the battery and the micro-controller to reduce current that flows into micro controller.

As the drive mechanism of intelligent electric actuator, the control of electric actuator is actually the control of the machine and the control precision of the whole system is determined by the accuracy of motor. According to electric actuator manual, frequent on-off valve movement is needed in electric actuator systems and the appropriate motor will require frequent positive & negative action. In order to adapt to the frequent action, precise control of motor including forward turn, reverse turn and stopping is needed. The system controls three-phase asynchronous motor running through solid state relay system.

And more electric actuator manual that is much more professional is offered here. Solid state relay controls disguise and disconnection of the motor electricity and the motor forward, reverse and parking by accepting control signals.

According to the electric actuator manual, solid state relay (SSR) is made up of tiny electronic circuits, power amplification device and isolation of contactless control switch composed of electronic devices, etc. Photoelectric coupling technology is used to implement the input and output isolation. Electric actuator manual reflects that it is composed of three parts, input circuit, coupling circuit and output circuit. Input circuit can be ac input circuit, dc input circuit and ac/dc input circuit. Depending on the type of control current, it can be divided into dc solid relay and ac solid state relay.

In general electric actuators manual, ac solid state relay can be divided into single phase ac solid state relay and three-phase ac solid state relay. When the input plus dc or pulse signal to a certain value, the output from the off state will go into conducting state.

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