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What Is Pneumatic Damper Actuator

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The pneumatic actuators damper actuator is used to provide resistance for movement so as to deplete the movement energy. It is common to use pneumatic damper actuator to reduce shock in spaceflight, war industry, guns as well as vehicles. And at present, more and more industries begin to use pneumatic damper actuator to reduce vibration and eliminate energy. Since 1970s, people have begun to apply these technologies on construction, bridges, railway as well as other structural engineering. In the past decades, the pneumatic damper actuator has gained rapid development. Especially the hydraulic sticky pneumatic damper actuator with 50-year history, it has experienced a long period test before accepted by structural engineering filed.

The reason of the pneumatic damper actuator has been used in spaceflight, war industry, and mechanical manufacture for several decades is due to its special advantages. First of all, the pneumatic damper actuator is a kind of control device that has sensitive reaction to speed. And the hydraulic pneumatic damper actuator is mainly used to resist vibration of pipelines and devices in power plant, heat-engine plant, and chemical plant as well as steel and iron works. And it is commonly used to control fluid vibration with impact. In addition, the hydraulic pneumatic damper actuator cannot control the vibration with low width high frequency or high width low frequency effectively. And statistics show that the pneumatic damper actuator is important to reduce vibration caused by earthquake.

Another application of the pneumatic damper actuator is on storage shelf. In gravitational goods shelves, due to the gravity effects, if carry out accelerated movement in slant storage slides, it is possible to impact shelf because of free movement, causing damage to goods, safety hazard to personnel as well as damage to whole structure of the shelves. At this time, the pneumatic damper actuator plays an important role. The pneumatic damper actuator in gravitational goods shelves is also called reducer to eliminate the gravity acceleration caused by goods in gravitational goods shelves, so as to make the goods possible to glide along the slides slowly and steadily to eliminate safety hazard, making sure both of the security of goods and personnel.

However, in recent years, the pneumatic damper actuator has been applied in construction. People integrate structural motive power to avoid and reduce the damage brought by earthquakes and wind power artfully. Base isolation is to use the energy absorption and dissipative system to make sure the safety of buildings. And it has been a necessary protective measurement to reduce vibration. Especially for those earthquakes that are hard to estimate, the pneumatic damper actuator is of great significance.

With the promotion of science and technology, the electric actuators is bound to have more and more application and functions. Therefore, it is possible for pneumatic damper actuator to be a crucial and necessary measurement to avoid the damage brought by disasters now and in the near future.  

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