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What Has Actuator Wholesaler Done Recently

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Actuator wholesaler used new type of microprocessor chip with high performance such as DSP in the pneumatic actuators to realize the fully digital, intelligent control system, toward the direction of miniaturization, digitalization, intelligence, integrated control function with high accuracy, high reliability and low cost. In order to strengthen management and adapt to the development speed of the social informatization today, the actuator wholesaler managed to drive electric actuators to the digital and networked direction of centralized management and decentralized control by using the field bus technology.

Direct torque control is an advanced control method used by actuator wholesaler, the control system composed of which has simple structure, good dynamic performance. It has got wide research and application in the electric screw press machine, excavator industry, mining electric locomotive, wind power system, electric cars, emu traction drive system, electric valves and other power transmission. But direct torque control scheme also has prominent question, which is that the torque ripple is larger.

In recent years, actuator wholesaler has worked out a number of optimization methods of direct torque control to solve the problem of torque ripple, such as optimization of space voltage vector, using vector synthesis method to change the original six working voltage space vector into 12 working voltage space vector, so that you can increase an effective working voltage vector in a sampling period to reduce the torque ripple to a certain extent. Actuator wholesaler improves flux observation techniques. Some flux calculation methods are affected by the error of the dc offset and integrator, and the flux calculation value and real value are large, leading to large torque calculation error and increasing the torque ripple. More advanced devices include full order flux observer and adaptive flux observer and the control mode can be improved by using the torque prediction, the method of stator resistance online identification method or by using multilevel technology refinement of voltage space vector to reduce the harmonics of the magnetic chain, thus to reduce torque ripple.

The application of speed sensor less technology to the servo control system has a good prospect. The mechanical speed sensor is used in most of practical applications, which not only increases the cost of ac motor control system, but also has the difficulties of installation and maintenance. At the same time, it will also affect the mechanical error detection precision and control performance, resulting in a decline in performance of the system. In addition, the speed sensor is not suitable for humid and other bad environments where electric actuators noise interference and the influence of signal transmission are big, thus its application scope is limited.

To conform to the development of ac frequency conversion technology and electromechanical integration technology, actuator wholesaler uses the motor control scheme of the direct torque control to design electric valve positioner. Thus the application prospect in the industrial production of electric valve is analyzed and the development history and development trend of electric valve is introduced. Based on direct torque control, the design of positioner can make the electric valve have excellent characteristics of the direct torque control, which can achieve the goal of fast accurate positioning. If the torque ripple can be effectively reduced and the speed sensorless technology can be applied to the system, it will help to improve the performance of the output.

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