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What Are the Electric Actuators Components

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Due to the existence of pneumatic actuators components, the electric actuators are able to constitute and operate. There are mainly two parts inside of electric actuators, power devices as well as locator.

Between them, the power device plays a leading role. And it is composed of electric motor, speed reducer, torque safety limiter, switch control box, hand wheel as well as electric transformer.

The first important electric actuators component is electric motor, which needs secular single phase or three-phase sensor motor to drive. In addition, the electric motor is equipped with high starting torque, low launching current as well as small circulation inertia, so it is possible to endow the electric motor with satisfying servo control feature.

In addition, there is a thermal switch inside of stator of electric motor to control the temperature inside of electric actuators. When the temperature inside of electric motor is too hot, the thermal switch is going to turn off the power supply and the electric actuators will stop running.

After the temperature inside of electric actuator has been cooled, the thermal switch will start automatically and the electric actuators are able to start running again.

In order to overcome inertia coasting handle, the existence of electric brake has been created to regulate the inside circuit inside of electric actuators.

Another crucial electric actuators component is reducer, whose function is to control the speed of running liquid. And the electric actuators adopt rotation gear to control and drive the electric actuators. And the reducer is able to lock itself automatically when it is unnecessary to use it so as to reduce the energy consumption.

In addition, the reducers are equipped with different rotation phases so as to satisfy different working condition.

Another electric actuators component is torque journey limiter, which is equipped with standard value to measure the torque of the electric actuators. And another important  electric actuators component is mechanical limit device, which is used to prevent exceeding limitation position when using manual operation.

The mechanical limit of electric actuators uses sector shape structure with small volume as well as reliable limit. And there is also block type mechanical limit, which is able to protect valve seat, valve rod as well as valve element effectively.

And there is also locator, which is another electric actuators component. Actually, the locator is to compare control signal and feedback signal and magnify them to control the electric motor and its rotation direction. It links to the power units of electric actuators to control the working state of the electric actuators.

And the locator is also able to control the operation mode, mechanical mode or manual operation.

In conclusion, all these electric actuators components play a crucial role in making sure the performance of the electric actuators. Therefore, it is necessary to lay emphasis on the performance of these electric actuators components.

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