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What Are the Electric Actuator Brands

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The production technology of intelligent pneumatic actuators created by our country is relatively backward for its traditional control mode and there are also not very famous electric actuator brands. Specific performance in: (1) parameter adjustment ability is poor, causing not ideal control accuracy; (2) protection system of electric actuator is not perfect, leading to easy equipment damage; (3) the reliability is low, which leads to not ideal system stability. Therefore, as for medium and high-end intelligent electric actuator technology, the introduction of foreign technology is still necessary.

Although after nearly a decade, through the absorption of foreign advanced technology, we can make efforts to develop our own electric actuator brands on the basis of the generic changes, our independent development ability is still weak and there is no breakthrough we can easily make. Since the control system has been more intelligent, digital and networked, requirements of intelligent industrial production to the process control will increase. Thus, developing intelligent electric actuator brands that can meet the demands of industrial modernization in our country will be a problem that is unable to avoid.

Compared with domestic electric actuator’ backward status, the foreign electric actuator is in a leading position from the perspective of intelligence, digital, electromechanical integration, and network, product model. On the breadth of the application in the field of professional talents and technology accumulation and so on domestic products are lagging behind. As bus technology is increasingly being mature, foreign electric actuator brands have introduced a general linear intelligent electric actuator in recent years, which makes the intelligent electric actuator go further on the degree of automation.

After integrating the technology of foreign electric actuator brands, we can find the main characteristics of intelligent electric actuator compared with the traditional actuator as the following: (1) the main parameter indexed are advanced, such as basic error, dead zone, back to the poor; (2) foreign electric actuator brands use advanced digital display technology and microcomputer control technology, replacing the traditional simulator parts constituting the core of the electric actuator control unit with high speed microprocessor and thus realizing the digital control; (3) foreign electric actuator brands have convenient functions of parameter setting and adjustment as well as more advanced control algorithm, such as fuzzy control, PID control, neural network control, optimal control and so on; (4) electric actuator brands have the functions of self detection and diagnosis. When actuators are connected to the power supply, automatic detection on the circuit will be made to prevent wrong operation. When the fault occurs, the actuator control system can automatically diagnose and transmit the diagnostic information to the display; (5) they use motor brake and intermittent adjustment technology in regulating process, which provides the reliability of the control system.

With the change of China's industrial production environment and the improvement of automation level, we need to develop our electric actuator brands and are badly in need of a new type of intelligent electric actuator to meet the corresponding requirements of industrial production of control equipment. Therefore, developing the intelligent electric actuator that can meet the requirements of the industrial production in our country and has perfect functions and superior performance is of great realistic significance. On the basis of fully absorbing the advanced technology of foreign intelligence electric actuators brands and combining with the deficiency of intelligent electric actuator both at home and abroad, we can develop intelligent electric actuator that is suitable for China's industrial production.

The microcomputer control technology, serial communication technology, infrared remote sensing technology and advanced control technology are introduced into the manufacturing of intelligent electric actuator to realize the integration of the actuator and control system.

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