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What Are the Electric Actuator Benefits

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DsPIC30F system pneumatic actuators is a high-performance MCU created by Microchip Company, using powerful 16-bit architecture. It integrates the control function of the single chip microcomputer (MCU) and the computing power of DSP (digital signal processor), so the new type has a lot of electric actuator benefits. Specific electric actuator benefits include high speed, repeated computation ability and control ability of high-performance. Digital signal processor engine, with two 40 accumulators, 16 working registers array and multiple data addressing modes, supports division hardware configuration, the drum of the displacement registers, and makes the dsPIC30 central processing unit (CPU) has a strong ability of digital processing. Electric actuator benefits: a flexible and deterministic interrupt processing mechanism and powerful external devices, making dsPIC30F device applicable to controlling applications. Among the electric actuator benefits, the most outstanding one is direct memory access (DMA), which allows ram data transmission without power in multiple peripherals and dedicated DMA. Reliable field programmable flash program memory and data electrically erasable programmable ROM makes its application wider and makes the electric actuator benefits more attractive.

Single-chip microcomputer and digital signal processor have their distinguishing features. Single-chip microcomputer has strong control ability while DSP has strong digital signal processing ability. The dsPIC30F series microcontroller combines the microcontroller’s strong control ability with high-speed computing power of digital signal processor, greatly expanding the electric actuator applications. New electric actuator benefits include reducing extra peripherals, the PCB space and the design cost.

New series controller is a combination of the traditional electric actuator benefits. So it has the following characteristics: very perfect the DSP engine, rich peripheral equipment, and improved interrupting capacity. The flash memory uses the optimized powerful programming and development environment as well as the high-level language ability. The working voltage of DsPIC30F series controller is from 2.5 V to 5.5 V.

According to the requirements of the system, the micro controller this electric actuator design chooses needs to consider the following electric actuator benefits:

(1) It has high-speed data signal processing ability. In the actuator control system, it needs to receive a large number of signals from sensor signal, system protection, monitoring data and motor valve operation data and so on, so only a micro controller with high-speed data signal processing ability can handle it;

(2) The stable control performance and strong control ability. The microcontroller is the core of the actuator control system, the stability of which decides the stability of the control system. Only the control system with high stability and control ability strong can ensure control precision;

(3) The design cost is greatly reduced;

Considering the above requirements, the dsPIC30F super series controller is a combination of single chip microcomputer’s control ability and the high processing capacity of digital processor, having increased many electric actuator benefits for the new type electric actuator. About the stability of the corresponding dsPIC30F series microcontroller, the author has carried out verification of making dsPIC30F power input and the controller is not damaged. Moreover, dsPIC30F series microcontroller needs less additional parts, which reduces the space of electric actuators. Therefore, since the new kind has so many electric actuator benefits, it is in conformity with the requirements if this system uses dsPIC30F series controller as a micro controller of the system.

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