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What Are the Chinese Switch Brands

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At the beginning of the New Year, according to the news from the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office, Guangdong Fukuda brand, one of Chinese switch brands, was awarded "China well-known trademark".

Fukuda, focusing on electrical industry 19 years, has been committed to building Chinese switch brands, to implement the good faith, the innovation management idea, to provide security, environmental protection, science and technology leading building electrical products. After nearly 20 years of development, the enterprise in the brand culture construction, new product development and terminal image construction has achieved outstanding results."FUTINA Fukuda" switch socket 2008 was named "Guangdong famous brand product". In 2009, has been rated as "Optimization of brand and service enterprise", "national provincial high-tech enterprise"., Fukuda, in the same year, independent research and development of disruptive products "switch", created a new blue ocean, electrical industry leading switch industry into the pneumatic actuators under the era of "points". The following year, the Chinese switch brands Fukuda point switch was rated as "electrical industry leading brand". In 2011 "FUTINA Fukuda” was rated as" famous trademarks of Guangdong province”. In 2012, it was named "consumer trustworthy ten electrical industry brand", in 2013 China international consumer electronics leader innovation award winners awarded the "industrial design award".

No pain, no gain. No pains, no gains, at the beginning of spring, in 2014 Chinese switch brands Guangdong Fukuda electrical ushered in the first major news, won the "China well-known trademark" title. According to relevant controller introduces, the Chinese well-known trademark is the only worldwide brand identity protected by international law. China's well-known trademark is through a variety of performance appraisal and determined that include the evaluation of brand awareness and reputation, and whether the Chinese switch brands in the consumer field with high reputation and strong market competitiveness. As a result, Fukuda electrical appliances can be ranked China well-known trademark, must be with the high quality, good brand reputation and high market share, and is the real Chinese switch brands.

"To achieve ‘China well-known trademark’ is to affirm for Fukuda’s 19 years development. The honor this year should be the biggest and best gift! Sincerely thank you for always support and care about his people from all walks of life friends!" General Manager Li Siqing excitedly said, at the same time also promised, "well-known trademark is the result of this Chinese FLOWX Limit switch brands recognition and trust, we honor comes from consumers, will feedback to the consumer."Won the "China well-known trademark" is an enterprise, a city, or even a region's business card. Well-known trademark is not only a kind of intellectual achievements, but also a symbol of the enterprise culture. This point, in the future, Fukuda appliances will take on the social responsibility of Foshan electrical industry, play a good leader and leading role, continue to vigorously promotes the brand construction, and strengthen scientific and technological innovation. In product quality, product ideas will, as always, adhere to the principle of "safety, environmental protection, science and technology leading", Fukuda to turn into a line struggle continuously Chinese switch brands! Then what about other Chinese switch brands?

There are many Chinese switch brands that have been trying hard to adopt advanced technologies to improve their products so as to increase their share of the switch markets.

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