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What About Handwheel History

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In the handwheel history, once an ordinary electric and pneumatic actuators control valve hand wheel installed in the pipeline, it is hard to judge whether the valve is open or closed. Because it is the handwheel is disc, no matter from which angle it seemed to be an appearance, this involves the efficient monitoring of the valve. But this is, after all, the past handwheel history.

Through the handwheel history, we found that the problem has been solved smoothly. As a single operating unit, being like the handwheel in the handwheel history, it still keeps the shape of the disc, but has a specially designed structure and installed electronic sound and light alarm circuit. With handwheel history, it can be assembled on top of all kinds of valve shaft, but not the original structure of the valve function and operating effect of no effect. Its installation and operation process and the traditional valves are exactly the same. However, the valve in the handwheel history became a "warning valve", as long as open valve will make red flash and sound signal, close the valve these signals are then stop. In this way, even if no other indicating instrument as far away as 10 meters distances this valve we can easily identify the current working condition.

In the production of enterprises and units of warning valve installed in the pipeline system, its advantage is very obvious. Important monitoring site is no longer "silent no smell", it can effectively reduce the work of monitoring personnel difficulty and psychological burden, improve work efficiency, prevent operation of negligence and mistake, so as to prevent the happening of the accident and the disaster.

Reviewing the handwheel history, if a valve shall be closed due to the negligence of people did not shut down, in the event of pipeline leakage or breakage; generally only waste some precious water resources. But if it is installed in such as liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, oxygen, gas, or poisonous and harmful aerosols, strong corrosion, liquid pipeline, and the need for switch operation, then a serious problem. Both production enterprises and ordinary civil residence, this kind of dangerous gases, are not allowed to leak outward. The switch of the valve operation also cannot have negligence and error. Any accidental errors could lead to disastrous consequences. Through the presence of the handwheel history, you can see the continuous development of the handwheel to bring our life more security.

The invention of the wheel and use has a long handwheel history, its basic operating unit has basically finalize the design for round handwheel, practice has proved that for general average valve, this is indeed the best operating mode. Although throughout the handwheel history, the type and structure has many innovations and improvements, but the basic operating unit so far is still a disc wheel, and using more electric actuators .

For the average family, this warning valve is also very important. In today's towns and villages, residential use liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, coal gas and marsh gas to cook, heating is quite common, how to ensure the safety of using become the primary issue. And it is proved in the family, especially in the elderly, children in the family, without prompt, after using gas is often forget to close the valve. In this case the gas there will be a chronic leakage cause energy waste. If because a lot damaged pipeline and gas leak, we can imagine that is a kind of what kind of consequences. Mount this warning valve can effectively eliminate the hidden trouble.

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