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Types of Reliable Pneumatic Actuators

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An actuator is mechanical equipment that transforms energy into motion to apply a force. It takes energy created by air, electricity or liquid, and produces motion to block, clamp or eject. Pneumatic actuators are used in manufacturing and industry for use in, for instance motors, switches, pumps and valves. Manual, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic are the four fundamental types of actuators. The distinction between the distinctive actuators relies on the source of power applied to run the actuator.

The goal of a valve actuator is to open or close a valve upon a specific signal. They are fundamentally used to run valves mechanically since the valve itself is in a dangerous position or a very distant place or just in cases where manually opening a valve would be either too expensive or time-consuming.

A pneumatic actuator is a system that changes pressurized air into energy. The air produces a motion in a machine that can be rotary or linear. Reliable electric actuators mostly include a cylinder, a piston and valves or ports. The piston of the reliable pneumatic actuators is covered by a seal that holds the air in a cylinder. The air pressure produced powers the seal downward and pushes the piston. This pressure is transmitted to other components and shifts an object.

Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders, or air cylinders, are systems that apply compressed gas to create energy and motion. They are alike to hydraulic cylinders since they utilize compressed energy. The air extends to attain the pressure of the atmosphere and moves a piston in a direction to move an object.

Kinds of Pneumatic Cylinders

Guide rods are applied in guided air cylinders. They are installed beside the piston rod so there is no rotation. Their aim is to decrease rod or piston bending and seal wear. Compact air cylinders are another grouplet of pneumatic cylinders. They are analogical to the standard pneumatic air cylinder, but they are smaller and capable of working in tight circumstances.

Pneumatic Motors

Pneumatic motors of reliable pneumatic actuators are usually called rotary pneumatic actuator . They are air engines that shift by the swell of compressed air. The compressed air is leaded into a rotary motion by changing rotational motion to a shaft. The rotation is installed on a drive shaft and makes the object move.

Pneumatic Ejectors

Pneumatic ejectors are the most simple actuator type among reliable pneumatic actuators. They have a containment district called a pot that admits fluid to go into without being regulated. The pot fills and compressed air is brought into push the fluid to a discharge line. It is a pumping device. The pneumatic ejector as a pumping mechanism can operate on electric or mechanical control systems.

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