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To Know More about Electric Actuator Construction

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As electric actuators construction development, the electric actuator is more and more widely used in chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, oil, and the new energy and other fields. Electric physical by electricity, according to a given signal and quantity of the valve position feedback, the deviation between the controlled by microcontroller motor run, output displacement after variable speed device, the executing agency, realize the automatic adjustment of the valve.

Electric actuator construction is an important and indispensable component in the process of industrial production, has become an irreplaceable in automatic control system for driving devices. With the improvement of degree of industrial automatic control, electric actuator construction has been widely used in all walks of life, such as chemical, oil, power stations, etc., with nearly 20 years electric actuator construction intelligence, digital and networked development, its application has expanded to new energy, food safety, environmental protection, etc.

In the whole industrial production control system, electric control precision of physical, safety, reliability, largely determines the control precision, stability and reliability of the control system, therefore, electric physical play an important role in modern industrial production. Along with the power electronic technology, microelectronics technology, communication technology, electromechanical integration technology and the rapid development of microcomputer control technology and so on, electric actuator construction to the intelligent, networked, digitized development have become an inevitable trend. In ten years, it has developed abroad and has storage capabilities and microcomputer control of intelligent electric actuator construction, and has been widely applied; electric actuator construction change moment has arrived.

Our country electric actuator construction began in the mid - 1950 - s, and then with generic products, the Soviet Union produces a contact of traditional electric actuator. After nearly 10 years of the Soviet Union technology absorption, in the 60 s of the self-developed non-contact electric pneumatic actuators construction. As the technology matures, the realization of a variety of models respectively is DKZ straight travel and DKJ quarter-turn two big series of products. With microelectronics technology, electromechanical integration and the rapid development of computer technology, control instrumentation technology has been greatly improved in China. At present, our country has to be developed with the micro controller as the core components and with the function of data storage type explosion-proof and outdoor electric physical, improvement, for the terminal to realize the plug and play. Shows, these two paragraphs DKZ and DKJ electric physical in precision control, load capacity and reliability and so on had the very big improvement.

At present, the domestic do better have developed by Chongqing Sichuan instrument group M series intelligent frequency conversion electric physical, adopts closed structure, integration of frequency converter, better protection valves and the optimal control; Control of error of plus or minus 1% only, return difference 1%, dead zone can be adjustable within 0.5 ~ 10%.The development of the Shanghai institute of industrial automation instruments and meters, fairly RK Z series intelligent electric valve actuator USES integrated structure, screw nut and totally enclosed structure, transmission system with smooth transmission, strong load capacity, high control precision, etc. However, the current domestic intelligent electric actuator construction technology mainly is still at the stage of introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology. Such as Changzhou power station auxiliary machinery factory co., LTD., SND series intelligent non-invasive electric actuators, Schneider electric company in Germany is a technology developed on the basis of; Shanghai automation instrument 11 factory introduced is the ROM Turk electric actuators production technology.

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