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Tips on Butterfly Valve Wholesaler

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A butterfly valve is a device by which the flow is controlled. The work principle is just like that of a ball valve, which can be quickly shut off. Butterfly valves are very popular because the cost is much lower and the weight is less heavy, less supporting is required during the work. Therefore, it is widely used, many companies are butterfly valve wholesalers, they distribute the goods not only in China, but also to overseas market. How do they trade the butterfly valve wholesale? Below is one example for detailed information.


Our company has been butterfly valve wholesalers for nearly 10 years that own good reputation in more than 100 countries. We offer wide options for butterfly valves with high performance and artistic styles which matches the standard with IS0-5211 mounting pad and square shaft, full in line with ANSI B16.5, MSS-SP 61, API-607 Fire Safe and all other applicable standards. Double Eccentric is used to design the valves, and even for the most demanding corrosive environment, we can adopt the Hard Chrome Plated Disc and Shaft. Soft seat, metal seat and soft seat with metal backup (API607 Fire Safe) are also available. With the direct mounting to IS0-5211 actuators, the electric and pneumatic actuators can be using readily and the prices of our butterfly valves are affordable. Carbon Steel, Stainless Steels and Duplex Stainless Steel could also be used to produce butterfly valves in order to meet different requirements. Wafer, Lug, and Double Flanged in accordance with ANSI 150 and 300, JIS 10K,16K,20K, DIN PN10,16 AND 20 are optional to make the valve bodies.

Serving Distributors, Resellers and OEM’s

The inventory in our company is various, such as Teflon Seated Butterfly Valves 1.5” through 24.0”, High Performance Butterfly Valves 2.5” through 12.0”, AWWA Butterfly Valves 3.0” through 36.0”, electric actuators through 30,000 in lbs, Automated Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves and Automated High Performance Butterfly Valves. Except these, we also provide special sizes for those users who have high demands. Besides, as we are professional butterfly valve wholesaler, we have our own logistics company, so it is very convenient to deliver goods to your domestic as well as international customers. By the way, we guarantee to all buyers we send goods in 2 days after we get the orders. The most popular products in our company is Triple Eccentric Metal Seated Butterfly Valve, you may decide whether it is with special Extended Stems and Heat Dissipating Fins or not.

We had started since 1990s and earn a good reputation not only for the high quality, workmanship, but also for the good service at the communication, after sales customer service, butterfly valve wholesales quotations.

Here we are devoted to exclusively serve the Distributors, Resellers and OEM’s because we are butterfly valve wholesaler. Those big buyers are our first choices. We will keep sincere attitude and improving the expertise and superior service to make our product more technically attractive and very competitive to our partners.

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