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Tips for Main Parts of Pneumatic Actuator

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Pneumatic actuator mainly comprises of cylinder, piston, gear shaft, an end cover, sealing parts, screws and other components, pneumatic actuator parts take effects on equipment use. And except for above several pneumatic actuators parts, complete sets of pneumatic device also should include opening indicator, limit, electromagnetic valve, positioner, pneumatic components, manual mechanism, signal feedback and other components. Choosing pneumatic device or complete sets of pneumatic devices will depend on the needs of users for pneumatic actuator parts.

Next, Let 's recognize how pneumatic actuator parts work and its basic principal as following: when compress air nozzle into the pneumatic actuator from the A tube, gas pushes the piston to the ends with linear motion, the rack piston drives the rotating shaft gear counterclockwise rotation of 90 degrees, the valve is opened. The gas from pneumatic gas valve discharged of ends with B nozzle. Conversely, when compress air enters actuator ends from B tube, gas double plug to the middle line movement, the rack piston drives the rotating shaft gear clockwise rotation of 90 degrees, the valve is closed. The gas middle with pneumatic actuator is discharged A nozzle, which is the transmission principle of the standard type. Of course, working principle doesn’t list all of the pneumatic actuator parts, but these components are often important helper behind the scenes.

In addition, manufacturers will change electric actuators with drive principle contrary to the standard type usually based on user demand with namely choosing the shaft clockwise rotation to open the valve, anti clockwise to close the valve. Although the works are opposite, pneumatic actuator parts function remains the same: single action pneumatic actuator A nozzle for air inlet nozzle, B vent. A nozzle inlet to open the valve and close the valve by spring force when cut off the gas.

In addition, we also need to know the correlation structure of pneumatic actuator parts and its requirements.

(1) Pneumatic device with manual mechanism should be able to open the interruption of gas supply and close operation of gas valve with manual mechanism, the hand wheel, hand wheel or lever should be counterclockwise rotation of valve opening.

(2) End of the piston rod are internal and external thread, wrench spanner mouth shall apply standards.

(3) Sealing ring piston should be easy to replace and repair.

(4) The cushion stroke length of pneumatic actuator with buffer mechanism can refer to relevant provisions.

(5) Moving device with adjustable cushion gas should be outside of the cylinder body adjust the buffering mechanism.

These requirements for the selected pneumatic actuator parts are of great advantage, because plenty of users often regard convenience and prices so on factors as primary reference standard when select pneumatic actuator parts, but ignoring details of the provisions, often easy to cause late fault and inconvenient to use.

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