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Things to Consider before Plastic Valve Operation

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Electric actuators are being widely applied in processing plants such as refinery, power plant, water treatment plant and so forth, they play a significant and helpful role in industrial manufacturing process. Electric actuators are used for turning on or off devices and have crucial influence on the operation of valves and also an important part in the process. As automation technology keeps developing these years, the function of electric actuators have increased accordingly. There are many different types of actuator and each with different functions, such as plastic valve and metal valve. They are different and let’s learn about their operation and merits.

When talking about small plastic valves , most people will think of one word, cheap. Plastic valves are relatively low cost but many of them are well-designed, and some kind of them sometimes cost more than metal one. In the case of resistance to corrosion, high quality plastic valves are required. For example, thermoplastic valve, it is the product to supplant metal valve to corrosion prevention. Plastic valve are used to deliver extremely corrosive material to replace metal valve. The distinct advantage of plastic valves is that they are highly corrosion resistant. High quality plastic valves have equally status with metal valves and sometimes do better and more cost effective job than metal valve. Apart from corrosion advantage, plastic valves are also known for lighter in weight and therefore cost less in transportation. It is also quite easy to install Plastic valves .

Plastic valves are usually used for liquids and fluids such as slurries. In some applications, plastic valves can replace metal one, but before installing one, there are several factors worth being taken into consideration. Plastic valves demands higher pressure and temperature ratings. Therefore when operating plastic valve, it is absolutely necessary to aware that temperatures that below freezing or elevated are unsuitable. Metal one are used for high operating environment, before operating plastic valves, you need to make sure it is within acceptable range of temperature and pressure rating. Besides, stress is also a critical factor we need to consider. On the fact that stress can induce damage to the application immediately or over time, it is very important to check it up during the installation and operation of plastic valve. The types of media plastic valves applied for is also limited. For example, water hammer will do harm to the plastic valve. In this case, parameters such as flow rate, displacement pump, starting pumps need to be checked. In the nutshell, it is important to examine and make sure things are within acceptable range which suit for the operation of plastic valve.

Plastic valves have many advantages such as low cost, light weight and they are available in many metal systems and can be successfully replace metal valve, the only simple matter is to be aware of several factors such as temperature, stress, and media before the operation, make sure that they are suitable to the application because there is no single criterion can be applied in all cases.

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