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The Working Principle of the Filter in Pneumatic Actuators

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Even though air would not carry many impurities, some slight dust and other ingredients. Generally, the mechanical part of pneumatic actuators is not easy to break down. Most of the time, what cause problems is the impurities in medium transmit. So, filter is very important for pneumatic actuators.

Generally, we may feel that air is clean and pure. However, there are many impurities that we cannot see without help. These impurities, such like dust, would accumulate inch by in inch. With increasingly accumulating, the impurities would finally cause serious problems. As a result, filtering is quite important. For example, oil or water. Pneumatic actuators do not ask so much about filtering, but the filter is still the key part of pneumatic actuators. Besides, the filter does help a lot in maintenance. So in order to guarantee the normal use and service lives, we ought to make sure that the filter is normally work to prevent pneumatic actuators from breaking down. The filter is an obbligato part in medium transmits pipes. Generally, it is loaded in the area of values.

The filter would have a certain specification as filter screen which is in the filter cartridge. When the accumulating impurities gather for a period time, we could take the filter screen apart to make it clean. So, this makes the maintenance much more convenient. The filter working principle is based on the primary filtering principle that is using something to stop the impurities pass the filter. However the filter for pneumatic actuators is a bit more complex than the simplest one. The whole filter would be divided into two main parts. When the air goes through the top part with the pressure effect, the filter medium would choose whether the things are allowed to pass or not. As we all know that air can go through nearly everything as long as there are interspaces. In this way, we can control the interspace of the filtering medium to filter the impurities that may do nearly no harm to the pneumatic actuators.

Besides, we also have considered the flow rate in order to reach an economic efficiency. The filter regulators working principle may be different from time to time due to the filtering medium. As for pneumatic actuators, the medium, air, helps a lot in simplifying the medium transmit system. As the medium pipes are shorter, there won’t be much room for the filter. As a result, it requires a lot in the size and shape of the filter. In order to meet the special need. The filter working principle should also change in some area. Generally the filter won’t require too much in ordinary condition. But the pneumatic actuators sometimes have to work in bad condition, especially dusty environment. So the filter does play a very important role in pneumatic actuators.

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