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The Working Principle of Limit Switch Accessories

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A limit switch is a mechanical sensor that needs physical relation to cease a motor at the end of its track. It is a sort of presence sensor because it requires an outside power to act upon it.


A limit switch is a kind of presence sensor that supervises a condition in a process. If the situation activates the limit switch, the next step happens. Otherwise, the switch keeps open until it perceives the situation.


The body of a limit switch accessories consists of electrical touches to open or close a circuit. The head includes a lever or an arm called pneumatic actuators . When the target contacts the limit switch, the arm revolves, shifting the contact state within the body.

Spring Return Switch

These limit switch accessories need physical contact between the target and the switch activator to alter states. Spring return switches will veer to its former state once the purpose passes.

Maintained Contact Switch

These limit switch accessories also need physical link between the target and the switch activator. Well maintained contact switches will remain in their changed condition until further action by the head.


Limit switch accessories can be discovered in conveyor systems, elevators, cranes,escalators, transfer machines and hoists. They are also existed in grinding devices,radial drills, and milling and boring machine.

Limit Switch Accessories’ Purpose

Limit switch accessories, in spite of their ultimate purpose, can only perform two functions. The limit switch accessories either turn on or turn off an electrical circuit. Some of these switches are applied in industry, and others are used for normal household appliances. Most limit switch accessories that are applied for the home remain hidden from the user, so at times when something turns on or turns off, it can be a mystery.

Limit Switch Accessories in the Home

Open the refrigerator and the light comes on. Close the door and the light should go off. Those tiny light limit switch accessories are in fact limit switches at work. It confines the time the light is on so it is not running when the door is closed. When the laundry washing machine is under the agitation cycle and you open the top lid, the agitator ceases it motion. The switch is hidden from sight but the cycle exists to stop. The limit switch accessories that set just under the top frame cover, gets rid of the "control" voltage from the circuit and avoids the washing machine in mid cycle. This sort of use for a limit switch is known as a safety limit.

Big Industrial Machines

People and device that are put in an industrial setting are remained safe by the run of limit switch accessories. Limit switch accessories widely shut a machine "off" when an action surpasses its travel or place. In other words, if a robot malfunctions, the limit switch accessories will shut down the power to the movement control circuit in much the same way the washing machine ceases moving when you open the lid. When you hear the "beep-beep" of a large truck shifting backwards, a limit switch was galvanized when the driver changed that vehicle into reverse. This action triggered electrical power to go to the back-up beeper horn so as to alert people of the action.

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