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The Working Principle of Conventional Valve

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The conventional valve is a kind of common component in electric actuator. The typical conventional valve is composed of butterfly valve, ball valve as well as plug valve. Due to the different classifications of conventional valve, the conventional valve working principles are various. However, as a kind of necessary component of electric actuators, the conventional valve can be classified into two types. Thin conventional valve possesses small magnitude and thin width. The conventional valve in this size is able to be on off state, so it is necessary to match up with suitable valve seat and valve electric actuators. Due to the small size of the thin conventional valve, it is possible to use direct screw to like three connecting flanges. And the high pressure will swell the screws, so it is impossible for liquid inside of it to leak. When there is something wrong with the conventional valve such as too high temperature causing swelling, or not suitable control valve, it is possible to use thin valve instead.

Another type of the conventional valve is lug type valve, which has a hole on the flange with the same diameter of the hole on butterfly valve. And the function of the holes is to insert other kinds of valves to connect. Only after making sure that double bolts have been matched up with whole flange is able to install flange on the valve. In addition, the plug valve can only be used to replace direct screws which are swell die to high heat or the sizes of other valves are not suitable.

In addition, another conventional valve working principle is to use tooth shape sealing surface to consolidate and make sure the situation of the flange between pipeline and conventional valves. And the inner magnitude of the conventional valve should be close to that of the pipeline. This kind of design is able to contain water current as much as possible. In addition, there is a process treatment designed inside of conventional valve to filter the impurities in the middle of delivering liquid. After knowing the conventional valve working principle, it is possible to manufacture components like conventional valve with low production cost so as to gain more profit. And both of the structure as well as appearance of the conventional valve should be promoted at the same time based on the principle of respecting the basic conventional valve working principle.

The conventional valve is a kind of necessary component inside of pneumatic actuators. Therefore, with the increasing demand of electric actuator, the demand of conventional valve has been promoted correspondingly. And apart from the appearance as well as structure of the conventional valve, the only stable factor is the conventional valve working principle. Therefore, the conventional valve working principle is a favorable way to understand the features as well as functions of the conventional valves.

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