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The Use of Electric Actuators in the Autumn

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Autumn is the season of harvest, the application of electric actuators in autumn is very broad, let's learn about the electric actuator as power sources of electric harvester works, as well as the related parameters in the electric actuator.

Electric harvester

Electric harvester is refers to the electric actuator as driving energy, the application of electric pneumatic actuators make the machinery and equipment modernization. Electric forage harvester (lawn mower) products, apply the plains, hills, terrace place such as the harvest, harvest: grass, alfalfa, wheat, rice, soybeans, sugar cane, corn crops such as grass, reed, fish, this machine has the "energy saving, low noise, multi-function, solid and durable" etc., thoroughly changed the mountain foothills to realize harvesting mechanization. Can improve the efficiency, reduce noise and save workers cost! A, the technical parameters of electric harvester models: LDM - 260 - a, host weight: 7 kg, battery: 24 v, 9 ah.

Power: 300 w speed: 300 r/min, blade, saw blade.

Second, the technical features of the electric harvester

1, the multi-function electric harvester can harvest the crops, can harvest, can cut weeds.

2, high-efficiency electric harvester, can easily control cutter, cutter for air travel to the right, left for work schedule. One day can harvest 6 ~ 8 acres, efficiency is more than 10 times of harvesting. Harvesting can be neatly laid: 3, cost savings, charging only five hair moneys, every day; 5, electric harvester good durability, good quality and good, durable, allowing you to save time.

Portable electric harvester related parameters

Portable electric harvester scope of use: apply the plains, hills, terraces, triangle size field and the mud field, etc. With the rice harvest, wheat, corn, beans, crops such as alfalfa.

Portable electric harvester advantages and benefits:

1, portable electric harvester harvest clean, lay out neatly, can be spread or pile; Can rapidly harvest in the paddy field upland rice, beans, wheat and other crops.

2, when using a portable electric harvester don't slouch, men, women and children all can use. Corresponding knives, mount plate up and down and safe guard, also can harvest branch pruning bushes, grass, reeds and tea garden and flower beds ping's dressing.

3, portable electric harvester to adapt to the plains and hills, terraces, triangle size field and the mud field; 0.7 1.2 mu per hour can harvest, harvest a mu of crops such as rice.

4, portable electric harvester of simple operation, is easy of maintenance. Engine adopts advanced technology, powerful, stable, cylinder wall after chrome plating processing, deserve to go up to strengthen the crankshaft, extend engine life, various performances to achieve the best match.

5, portable electric harvester blade adopts high-quality manganese steel, transmission part adopts advanced high frequency quenching process, high resistance to wear, transmission part connection tooth accurate and precision, movements smooth, greatly reduce the maintenance cost of users.

6, portable electric harvester corresponding tool or work head, fitted with safety guards, also can harvest the shrubs, grass and reeds and tea garden branch pruning and shaping the flower bed.

Through the introduction to electric harvester, we learned about in the autumn, the application range of the electric actuator.

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