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The System of Pneumatic Actuators

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Pneumatic actuators comes into being after mechanical transmission, electrical transmission as well as hydraulic transmission. High effective pneumatic actuators has been produced and widely used in recent decades. Nowadays more and more manufactures pay attention on developing cost effective pneumatic actuators .

Pneumatic actuators employs a different transmission mode. They adopt the compressed air as the working medium and convert energy and signals to achieve production automation. In the recent years, the cry for effective pneumatic actuators is louder and louder.

The system of the effective pneumatic actuators consists of the air supply devices, the actuators, the control components and auxiliary components.

1. Air supply devices

Obtain high quality air supply devices are the first step the effective pneumatic actuators need to take. The air supply devices are generally seen as compressed air equipment, air purification equipment such as air compressors, air drying machines, etc.

2. Actuator elements

This is the critical part for effective pneumatic actuators. The pressure of the air can be converted into mechanical energy by the electric actuators elements, and they could also release the power the system. The actuator elements include cylinder, air motors, etc.

3. Control Components

To have effective pneumatic actuators, the compressed air needs to be controlled fully well. The control components could achieve this. The control components are used to control the press of the compressed air the flow direction and the actuator elements of the system. The control components include the pressure valves, flow valves, directional valves and logic elements, etc.

4. Auxiliary components

The auxiliary components are a good helper for effective pneumatic actuators. Without these components, the whole system cannot work to the end. The auxiliary components play a supporting role to help the whole system to finish the full processing. The auxiliary components include filters, oil mist, mufflers, radiators, coolers, amplifiers and fittings.

The advantages of the effective pneumatic actuators:

1. The cost effective pneumatic actuators take air as transfer media. You do not need to spend one penny to get air, it is no cost, inexhaustible, and very convenient to obtain. The air could be let out directly after the whole process is over and this will not pollute the environment, and therefore there is no need for return-air duct, thus save some cost.

2. The viscosity of air is slim, moreover, the energy that is lost from the small pipe is limited, so effective pneumatic actuators are suitable for long-distance transporting.

3. Pneumatic actuators are safe and reliable. There are no fire and explosion problem in high temperature, radiation, humidity, dust and other environmental elements.

4. The effective pneumatic actuators response much faster than other kinds of actuators.

5. The pneumatic components are quite simple in structure, so they are very easy to operate. The pneumatic actuators can be used for a long life, and they are quite easy for maintenance, not only that the pipeline blockage problem is not used to happen for the effective pneumatic actuators.

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