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The Steps and The Basis Before Choosing Plastic Valve

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Because choosing the most suitable plastic valves price is very important in the pipeline system, therefore, to understand the characteristics of the valve and valve steps and basis also became more critical. By now, for electric actuators , we have been able to produce all kinds of gate plastic valves, cut-off valve, throttle valve, plug valves, ball valves, electric valve, diaphragm valve, check valve, safety valve, relief valve, steam trap and emergency cut-off valve and so on 12 major categories, more than 3000 models, more than 4000 specifications of the products; Maximum working pressure of 600 mpa, the maximum nominal diameter of 5350 mm, the highest working temperature is 1200 ℃, the lowest working temperature is 196 ℃, the suitable medium are water, steam, oil, natural gas, strong corrosive medium, such as nitric acid, concentration of sulfuric acid, etc.), inflammable medium (such as stupid, vinyl, etc.), such as hydrogen sulfide, explosive, toxic media medium and with radioactive medium (metal sodium, - loop water, etc.).

Plastic valves facts material contains cast copper, cast iron, ductile iron, high silicon cast iron, cast steel, forged steel, high and low alloy steel, stainless acid-resistant steel, hartz alloy, for families, nickel, monel alloy, duplex stainless steel, titanium alloy, etc. And we can produce all kinds of electric, hydraulic valve actuator and pneumatic actuators . In the face of so many varieties of plastic valves price and such complex working conditions, to choose the most suitable the plastic valves price products pipeline system for installation, I think, first of all we should know the characteristics of the plastic valves facts; Secondly we should master valve steps and basis; Moreover we should follow the principle of selection valves.

1. Generally there are two kinds of the characteristics of the electric actuators valve using features and structure features.

Using features: it determine the main use of performance and use scope of the plastic valves facts, belongs to the valve using features are: valve categories (closed valve, regulating valve, safety valve, etc.);

Valve main components (valve body, valve cover, stem, disc, seal face) of materials; Valve drive way, etc.

Structural features: it determines the structural characteristics during the plastic valves facts installation, maintenance, maintenance methods etc.

Sealing surface in the form of (insert, thread ring), welding, spray welding, the body ontology; Stem structure (rotating pole, lift rod), etc.

2. The basis and steps to select the plastic valves price are general as follows:

(1) we should lear the functions about plastic valves fact used in equipment or devices, valve operation condition contains: suitable medium, working pressure, working temperature and so on.

(2) We should determine the nominal pipe size connected to the valve and connection mode: flange, threaded and welding, etc.

(3) We should determine the plastic valves fact operation mode: manual, electric, magnetic, electrical and pneumatic or hydraulic linkage or electro-hydraulic linkage, etc.

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