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The Purposes of Limit Switch Manual

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The limit switch manual is used to limit the movement of machinery and equipment limit position electrical switch. Limit switch divide into contact type and non-contact type. Moving parts of machinery and equipment installed on the trip switch, install the stopper position limit fixed point and its relative motion, or vice versa installation location. When the limit switch contacts run into mechanical stopper, the cut off (or change) the control circuit, mechanical stop running or change operation. Since the inertial motion machine, this has a certain limit switch “over-travel” to protect the switch from damage. Contact type of limit switch manual is comparison visually while the non-contact type has many forms. The common reed, photoelectric, inductive, etc., these forms are able to see in the elevator. Of course, there are more advanced forms.

Limit switch is a common small electrical current master. Usually it will be installed pneumatic actuators on it; it will improve the performance of the limit switch manual, it is easier to control. Typically, one type of switch is used to limit the mechanical movement of the location or trip, so make it at a certain position or movement of the mechanical travel stops automatically reverse movement, shifting back and forth movement or automatic exercise.

In the electrical control system, limit switch is to achieve sequential control, positioning control and position detection state. Machinery and equipment used to control and limit travel protection. Construction: the operating head, the contact system and the shell components.

In actual production, the limit switch manual is installed in a pre-arranged location, when installed on the production of mechanical moving parts of the module impact the trip switch, limit switch contact action, achieve switching circuit. Therefore, a limit switch is based on the position of the moving part of the trip and switching electrical circuits, its role is similar with principles and buttons. The limit switch manual is widely used in various types of machine tools and lifting machinery to control the stroke, the terminal limit protection. The trip switch also used to control the switching speed of the car door. The door limits switch automatically, the cage, the lower limits protection.

Many aspects of the application of the limit switch, which has a lot of electrical appliances in its presence. That such a simple switch can play what role? It is mainly from the chain of protection. The most common example is its use in the washing machine and the recorder in it.

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