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The Principle of Air Filter

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The filter is one of the important steps in the middle of running the pneumatic actuators. And the filtering principle of it is simple with several easy filtering steps.

The first filter step is the interception. The on the filter market, the interception is the foundation step of the filter. The dust particles in the air are able to carry out free fall or random Brownian motion with airflow. And when the particles impact other kinds of materials, the VDW among materials makes the particles stick to the surface of the fiber. There are many impacting chances for dust that has entered into the filtering medium of the electric actuators . And once impact the medium, it will be pasted on. And dust with smaller particles will impact each other and stick to each other to form particles with larger particles and then descend. The article concentration in the air has relatively stable performance.

The second filter step for pneumatic actuators on the filter market is inertia and diffusion. When the particle dust carries out free fall in airflow, it is easy to meet with fibers with messy arrangement. And when the airflow changes its direction, the particles will deviate from direction due to free fall and impact fibers. And the larger the particles are, the better the effects will be. And the small particles will carry out random action. And the more severe the random action is, the more chances of impacting the obstacles will be, leading to better filtering effects. And diffusion and free fall are the hardest particles to filter. And when measuring the performance of filtering with high efficiency, people would like to regulate the dust efficiency value.

The next filtering step on pneumatic actuators filter market is the electrostatic function. The fibers and particles may bring charge due to some reasons, which is easy to cause electrostatic effect. The filtering materials with static are easy to promote the filtering performance. The static is able to make the dust change its movement track and impact the obstacles, and the dust has sticky performance on the medium. And the materials will not change resistance after having static, leading to the promotion of filtering performance. However, the static only plays subsidiary function instead of decisive function.

The final step of the filter on filter market is chemical filtration, which means to absorb the harmful gas in the pneumatic actuator selectively. There are a lot of invisible tiny holes in the activated carbon materials, which possesses large absorption area.

The filtering step is crucial to the pneumatic actuators. Only after being filtered can the latter steps in the pneumatic actuators be smooth. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the filtration step carefully.

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