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The Possible Future Technologies of Electric Actuator

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The most extensive definition to pneumatic actuators is that it is a kind of drive device that is able to provide direct or rotate action. And it uses some certain source to work under some certain control signals. In addition, the electric actuator uses liquid, gas, power as well as other resources and transforms them into drive through electric motor, air cylinder as well as other devices. And the basic types of electric actuator are composed of part turn, multiple turn as well as linear drive type according to electric actuator technology. The earlier electric actuator is used to control the place of valve drive. And the electric actuator used to control the place of valves is able to place the valves into any positions. And due to the promotion of modern technology, the design of the electric actuator cannot satisfy the demand of valve control.

The first electric actuator technology is position sensor. The participation of the sensor makes the electric actuator possess larger application even in detecting field. And apart from sensing positions, the electric actuator can also sense the force moment needed and existed in the working condition. Another electric actuator technology is electrode protection device to make sure that the electric actuator is able to work under normal electricity and pressure. And there is also another electric actuator technology called logic control device, which is able to realize automatic control and remote control. And there is also digital communication technology equipped with electric actuators. All these parts should be installed in a compact shell, which is another advanced electric actuator technology.

In addition, the largest electric actuator technology is to use automatic control to replace manual control. People hope that the electric actuator is able to play an important role in being interface between control system and valve mechanical movement. Therefore, the reliability and environment protection performance should be strengthened at the same time. In some dangerous occasions, the automatic electric actuator has the feature to reduce personnel injury. And some valves are required to be turned on or off under some special condition, so the valve electric actuator with advanced electric actuators technology is able to stop the extension of danger and minimize the loss for factories. As for some valves with large diameter and high pressure, the electric actuator requires large output moment, so it is necessary to promote the mechanical effects and to use electric machine with high output, which is able to operate the valves steadily.

The promotion of electric actuator technology is bound to change the future of electric actuator and other kinds of machines. Therefore, with the development of electric actuator technology, the electric actuator has a bright and hopeful future.

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