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The Performance of The Natural Rubber Handwheel Accessories

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Because of its strong elasticity, plasticity and good insulation, water and gas seperation, tensile and wear resistance and other characteristics, Natural rubber handwheel accessories has been widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, traffic, transportation, machinery manufacturing, medicine and health care field and daily life, etc., such as the tyre in the transportation;Industrial use of conveyor belt, transmission belt, all kinds of sealing ring;Medical gloves, blood transfusion tube;Used in the daily life of rubber shoes, raincoat, warm water bag is made of rubber handwheel accessories as the main raw materia; They all need a lot of rubber wheel parts.

The flexibility of natural rubber handwheel accessories of pneumatic actuators is decided by the elasticity of vulcanizates.When it has been stretched to 350%, after retract a permanent deformation is only 15%. The flexibility of natural rubber handwheel accessories is high, which is only second to butadiene rubber handwheel accessories in the general rubber handwheel accessories.The strength of natural rubber handwheel accessories in elastic material, natural rubber handwheel accessories of raw rubber, plastic mixing, the strength of the vulcanizates were all relatively high.The tensile strength of the unvulcanized rubber handwheel accessories is called green strength, the green strength of natural rubber handwheel accessories can reach 1.4 ~ 2.5 Mpa, the appropriate green strength for rubber processing and shaping the handwheel accessories is necessary.

The natural rubber handwheel accessories tear strength is high, which can go up to 98 kn/m, its wear resistance is better also.Natural rubber handwheel accessories has high mechanical strength because it is the reinforcement of rubber handwheel accessories, when it has been stretched it will form macromolecular chain along the stress direction orientation of crystallization.Electric natural rubber handwheel is non-polar substances and a good insulating material.When natural rubber handwheel has vulcanization, due to the introduction of polarity factors, such as sulfur and accelerator, so that the insulation performance will be reduced.

Natural rubber handwheel accessories medium with resistance is a non-polar substances, it will soluble in nonpolar solvents and non-polar oil.Natural rubber handwheel accessories are water-fast to cyclohexane, gasoline, benzene and other media, unvulcanized rubber can be dissolved in the medium while the rubber handwheel accessories cannot.Natural rubber handwheel is insoluble in acetone, ethanol, polarity is less soluble in water, 10% of hydrofluoric acid, 20% hydrochloric acid, 30% sulfuric acid, 50% sodium hydroxide, etc.Natural rubber handwheel accessories rubber glass transition temperature is - 72 ℃, plastic flow temperature is 130 ℃, began to decomposition temperature is 200 ℃, intense decomposition temperature is 270 ℃.When natural rubber handwheel accessories after curing, the Tg will rise, also the tviscous flow won't happen again.

The handwheel bakelite performance:The hand wheel of PF bakelite (bakelite, bakelite) material is light, with strong mechanical hardness and it is not easy to deformation.It also has features of friction resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, easy to wipe.The handwheel bakelite insulation performance is extremely strong and is will not affected by heat and humidity, thermal deformation temperature is greater than or equal to 140 degrees, its strong cold resistance performance make it can work under the environment of thirty degrees below zero.

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