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The Overview of the Limit Switch

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Actually, the limit switch is also called stroke limit switch. It is a kind of components to control the stroke and limit protection of the electric actuators . The first limit switch fact is that in the middle of actual production, the limit switch is placed on the arranged positions in advance. When the components installed on the manufacturing machines attack the limit switch of the electric actuators, the contactor action of the limit switch is able to realize the switch of the circuit. Therefore, the limit switch is a kind of device to shift circuit according to the stroke of the moving parts. The main function of the limit switch is similar to that of buttons.

The limit switch facts can be classified into direct-acting type, idler wheel type, inching type as well as combined type. And the direct-acting type limit switch facts is composed of push rod, springs, closed contact as well as open contact. And the close and open speed of the contactors directly decides the operating speed of the manufacturing machines.

And the working principle of the idler wheel type limit switch facts is that when bump on the controlled machines impact lance with rollers, the rod is able to rotate to the right side to drive the rotation of the cam. And at the same time, the push rod will be replaced to make the contactors of the micro switch move rapidly.

Actually, the limit switch is a kind of pneumatic actuators switch to limit the action limiting position of the mechanical equipment. And there are contact-type and non-contact type limit switch facts. The contact type is much direct. On the moving parts of the mechanical equipment, it is possible to install limit switch and install stop dog of the limiting position on the fixed places with relative movement. When the mechanical contact of the limit switch facts touches the dog, it is possible to cut off the control circuit, and then the machines will stop running and change operation. Due to the free fall of the machines, this kind of limit switch is equipped with some certain over travel to protect the switch from being damaged.

In conclusion, the function of the limit switch is to control the circuit or liquid of the electric actuators. And compared to ordinary manual switch, the limit switch fact is able to detect the existence of the materials and open and close the electric loop according to requirements. For example, only when we open the refrigerator can the light inside of it be on. With the help of the limit switch facts, it is possible to control the flow of the electric actuators and save the energy at the same time.

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