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The Overview of the Electric Actuators Basicelements

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The pneumatic actuators are responsible for being the drive system in many industrial

machines. With the speeding up of industrialization process, the demand of machines

enlarges, which leads to the demand of electric actuators increasing. And how to

distinguish which electric actuator is the best? The electric actuators

basicelements will answer your question.

The first electric actuators basicelement that has an influence on the performance

of electric actuator is drive power. There are two kinds of commonly used drive

power, power supply and fluid power supply. The power supply should be matched up

with three-phase supply to drive valves with large dimension. However, as for valves

with small dimension, it is possible to use single-step supply. Generally speaking,

there are different kinds of electric actuators to meet the demand of users.

Sometimes, when using direct current supply, it is probable to use supply mistakes

security operation by installing power supply. As for liquid power supply, it

requires different media like compressed air, ordinary air as well as hydraulic

pressure liquid. And in order to provide output force moment, the electric actuators

possess multiple classifications and specifications to satisfy the demand of


Another electric actuators basicelement that decides the performance of electric

actuators is the classification of valve. It is better to understand the

classifications of the valves and then make clear the performance of electric

actuators according to different valve classifications. Some valves are equipped

with multiple rotations drive, some valves are equipped with single rotation drive

and others need circulation rotation drive, so it is necessary to match up with

different drives according to the classification of electric actuators. Generally,

the electric actuator with multiple rotations of pneumatic actuator is dearer than

that of electric actuators.

The next electric actuators basicelement that influences the performance of electric actuators is moment magnitude. The electric actuators are equipped with many small

valves like ball valve, butterfly valve as well as plug valve which are able to

rotate for 90 degrees. It is possible to get moment from electric actuators

manufacturers. Qualified electric actuators manufacturers would like to measure the

moment under rated pressure before selling it. And when you purchase the electric

actuators, they will introduce this to you.

Apart from the classification of valves, the classification of electric actuator is

also one electric actuators basicelement that has an influence on the performance of

electric actuator. Only the classification of electric actuators have been done can

the valves and valve moment be set. And then the electric actuator manufacturers

would like to help with choosing the type of electric actuators. Sometimes, it is

necessary to consider other factors like running speed as well as quantity of


In conclusion, all these are important electric actuators basicelements that are

able to decide the performance of electric actuators.

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