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The Overview of the Conventional Valve

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The first answer of the problem of what is conventional valve is its concept. Actually, the pneumatic actuators has been widely used in pipelines of all kinds of fields. And the conventional valve is composed of flange valve and rubber valve and so on. And the application of the conventional valve has the history of hundreds of years. It is a kind of component of pneumatic actuator. In the middle of promoting the structure and materials of the conventional valve, the conventional valve is going not to fit for the requirements of poor working condition limited by its own technological conditions. Therefore, the conventional valve we used in modern society has short service life, severe leakage, which is going to influence the stability of the running of the conventional valve system. Therefore, it is necessary to revolute the conventional valve from material, design as well as manufacturing process. In addition, as for favorable conventional valve manufacturers, it is possible for them to promote the performance of research and development, design and manufacture of the conventional valve so as to make their industry always is in the leading position.

Another way to solve the problem of what is conventional valve is to understand its future. In addition, due to the introduced technology, the butterfly flange has four advantages: first of all, it is possible to adopt instrument with high technology to test the materials of the components of all valves so as to make sure the material content of the conventional valve, promoting corrosion resistance, wear-off resistance as well as sealing performance, improving the service life of the electric actuators largely. Secondly, it is possible to use new technology to reduce the maintenance frequency of all valves to promote the safety of the running system of the equipment, reduce the labor strength of the workers and economize the maintenance cost of the conventional valve. The third one is the application of the conventional valve with new technology which is able to promote the sealing performance of the industrial pipelines. At the same time, it is able to avoid the leakage uttermostly and plays an active role in environment protection. The fourth one is that the conventional valve with new technology has low production cost which is able to have more market price advantage of the conventional valve.

Another way to deal with the problem of what is conventional valve is the application of the conventional valve. And conventional valve with new technology is able to be used in electricity, oil, chemistry, mineral as well as waste water treatment. And the conventional valve has outstanding features facing the working condition like low leakage and hard maintenance and exchange. And the most outstanding performance of the conventional valve is long service life with performance and price higher than the conventional valve.

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