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The Overview of Pneumatic Actuator

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The pneumatic actuator is a kind of pneumatic actuators model to be widely used in recent years after mechanical, electric as well as hydraulic transmission. And the pneumatic actuator uses compressed air to be working medium to deliver energy and signals so as to realize automatic production. In addition, if you would like to know what a pneumatic actuator is, it is necessary to know several important factors of the pneumatic actuator.

The first factor to understand what is a pneumatic actuator is the composition of the pneumatic actuator. Actually, the air source device is used to gain compressed air to purify the air. And air compressor and air drier belong to air source device. And there is also executive component, which is going to transform the pressure of air into mechanical energy. And the executive component is also the device to output system energy, such as air cylinder and air motor. Another factor that has an influence on the performance of the pneumatic actuator is control elements, which are used to control the pressure, flow as well as direction of compressed air, and the control element also is able to control the working program of the system executive elements. And pressure valve, flow valve, direction vale as well as logic elements belong to control elements as well. And there are also auxiliary components to function as assistance, including filter, atomized lubricator, silencer, radiator, cooler as well as amplifier and tubes.

Another factor to understand what is a pneumatic actuator is to know the classification of the pneumatic actuator. According to control elements, the pneumatic actuator can be classified into air valve control system, logic element control system as well as fluidic element control system. Among all of them, the air valve control system can be classified into full air valve control system, electronic and electrical control as well as magnetic valve transition system.

Another way to know what is a pneumatic actuator is to know the advantages and disadvantages of the pneumatic actuator. First of all, the advantages of the pneumatic actuator are as follows.

1. The pneumatic actuator uses air as medium, which makes sure endless source and easy origin. And after using it, it is possible to emit directly without polluting environment and causing complexity due to lacing of mufflers.

2. The air has small viscosity and small pipeline flow energy loss, which is suitable for long distance transmission.

3. The pneumatic actuator is reliable and secure, so it is unnecessary to pay attention to fire proof and explosion proof problems. And it is able to work under the condition like high temperature, radiation, moist as well as dust.

4. And the pneumatic actuator has fast electric actuators. It possesses simple mix, which means it is easy to manufacture with long service life and convenient maintenance. And the pipelines of pneumatic actuator are hard to block, so there is no problem of medium changing.

Apart from the advantages of the pneumatic actuator, the disadvantage of the pneumatic actuator also is crucial to understand what a pneumatic actuator is. The air has large compressibility, so the pneumatic actuator has poor stability, which leads to large influence to working speed of load change. And the pneumatic actuator has low pressure so it is hard to carry out large output moment and force.

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