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The Nowadays Plastic Valves Types

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Due to plastic valves have the advantage of light quality, corrosion resistance, not absorb incrustation, can connect to plastic pipeline, longevity, plastic valves have the advantage that other valves can’t comparative on the water supply system, and industry other liquid’s plastic pipeline system, which is different from the pneumatic actuators.
There are some plastic valve types as below, ball valve、 butterfly valve、 non-return flap valve、membrane valve、 brake valve and stop valve etc, from the instruction aspect to say, plastic valve type is mainly divided into two way valve、three way valve and multipacks valve, its material is mainly constituted by ABS、PVC-U、PVC-C、PB、PE、PP、PVDF and so on.
One of the common plastic valves types is plastic ball valve, it is suitable to the transmit of corrosion medium, the unitary ball valve have less leakage point, interconnection ball valve is easy assemble and disassemble. When clockwise rotate handle, it is turned off, on the contrary, it is turn on. Plastic ball valve can be divided into flange plastic valve, screw thread valve, bear interpose plastic valve etc.
One of the corrosion resistance and wide used plastic valves types is plastic butterfly valve, it is easy to tear down and maintenance, the valve instruction adopt midcourt line type. The plastic butterfly valve type can be divided into lever type, worm wheel type, pneumatic plastic valve, electric plastic valve.
Plastic non-return flap valve’s weight is light, corrosion resistance strongly, compact structure, it is widely used; plastic non-return flap can be divided into elevation non-return flap type and swing type. It is also one of the innovative plastic valves types.
Plastic membrane valve is a special block valve, its’ mainly difference from other valves is lies in adopt instruction without padding, its’ flow path is simple, have the effect of “self-clean”, can be used as dirty medium.
Plastic stop valve is easy to assemble, stand wear and tear, it is easy to disassemble, it is suitable to liquid, air, oil, corrosive chemical liquid. Plastic stop valve can be divided into manual operation plastic stop valve and power-driven type plastic stop valve.
Plastic two way valve can realize the function that flow run in two directions but at a certain pressure differential, it control valve with two ways, two ports, and two positions.
Plastic three way valve has three passageway connected to the pipeline, it is amount to two single seated valve’s combination. From the effect, it can be divided into flow collecting valve and flow dividing valve.
In the international standard of plastic valve, the first it request on the raw material of valve, the raw material manufacture must comply with the plastic pipeline production standard, and meanwhile, seal test、valve test、long time property test、 stormier test and operation torque are also be stipulated, the life of plastic valve used for industry transmit liquid is twenty-five years.

No matter what type the plastic valve is, it needs the other parts of equipment’s match, for example, electric actuators which can comply with torque curve better, the whole unit of equipment will perform better.

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