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The Introduction of Pneumatic Actuators

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Pneumatic actuators is the execution of gas pressure driven or regulating valve opening and closing device, also called pneumatic actuators or pneumatic device, but generally popular called pneumatic head. Pneumatic actuators is introduced as follows.

To understand the working principle of pneumatic actuators is introduced, to understand its structure.

1, effective pneumatic actuator pneumatic device is mainly composed of cylinder, piston, gear shaft, end cover, seals, screws, etc; Complete sets of pneumatic device should also include the opening instructions, limit, solenoid valve, locator, pneumatic components, manual institutions, and signal feedback etc parts.

2, effective pneumatic actuator pneumatic device connected to the valve size should meet with ISO5211 (bottom), the rules of the GB/T12222 and GB/T12223.

3, effective pneumatic actuators with manual pneumatic device, the gas source is interrupted, should use pneumatic ball valve opening and closing operation, manual mechanism for the handwheel, should the handwheel or handle counterclockwise for valve open, clockwise for the valve to close.

4, effective pneumatic actuator piston rod end for internal and external thread, should be over the spanner wrench.

5, effective pneumatic actuator piston sealing ring should be easy to replace and maintenance.

6, effective pneumatic actuators with buffering mechanism of pneumatic device, the stroke length of the buffering mechanism can be reference to the provisions of the table 1.

7, effective pneumatic actuators, pneumatic device with adjustable buffering mechanism should be external cylinder body adjust the institutions of the cushion.

8, effective pneumatic actuators and effective thread sizes of pneumatic actuator cylinder in and out of the port should be consistent with MANUR NORM (attachment) sypv, GB/T7306.1, GB/T7306.2 and GB/T7307 rules.

The working principle of pneumatic actuators is introduced.

Effective pneumatic actuators when the compressed air from a tube tip into the pneumatic actuator, gas drive double piston to both ends (end) cylinder head linear motion, the rack on the piston driven gears rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise on the axis of rotation, the valve is open. The pneumatic valve at the ends of the gas tube tip discharge with B. Conversely, when the compressed air from B officer tip into the ends of the electric actuators , gas drive double plug to the middle line movement, the rack on the piston driven gears rotate 90 degrees clockwise on the axis of rotation, the valve is closed. According to user requirements, effective pneumatic actuators can be device with standard instead of transmission principle, namely choose standard shaft rotate clockwise to open valve, counterclockwise rotation to close the valve. Single acting (spring return type) pneumatic actuators a tube tip for air intake, B pipe nozzle for vent pipe nozzle (B) shall be installed muffler.

Effective the kinds of pneumatic actuators are introduced:

DR/SC new gear and rack type:

DR/SC new gear and rack type pneumatic actuators integrated by the company of the latest technology, through the three dimensional CAD model innovation optimization design, beautiful shape is compact, the modelling of modernization; And USES the practical new materials, new technology, make product quality, performance, more reliable; Selection of many specifications more economical; Products fully comply with the latest international standard specifications.

GT series valve pneumatic device:

GT series valve pneumatic device is a new developed output shaft rotation Angle is 90 ° part back to the transformation of pneumatic actuators. It can be combined with ball valve, butterfly valve such as pneumatic valve, also applies to 90 ° rotation movement of the other mechanical device. The product through with electromagnetic valves and other accessories can complete two position motion control, and continuous motion control (automatic adjustment control) of different requirements. User can choose according to actual needs.

Above is pneumatic actuators is introduced.

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