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The Introduction of Filter Parts

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Filter parts is an execution units of combined instrument electric unit of electric actuators . It is powered byu single-phase ac power, which can receive a unified standard dc signal, and output the corresponding angle displacement. When manipulating the damper, baffle regulating mechanism, it can be finished with all kinds of electric operator "manual, automatic” adjustment system of the undisturbed switching. Filter parts are also equipped with electric double protection limit and mechanical limit to complete the automatic adjustment of the task. It has been widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical and water of boiler system and the adjustment of the damper baffle departments.

2. The working principle of Filter parts

Filter parts including servo amplifier and actuator of two parts, the actuator can be divided into motor, reducer and position transmitter three parts.

2.1 The regulating mode of filter parts

Filter parts needs local manual operation, when electric operator switch placed "manual" location, the motor end knob to "manual" location, we can just pull on the handwheel actuator and shake the handwheel, the manual operation can be achieved. When we do not need on-site operation, you should be sure to note that the motor end of the knob to "automatic" position, and pushed forward the handwheel.

2.2 Filter parts remotely adjust way

When electric operator switches in "manual" position, namely in the manual remote control state, as long as we rotary switch respectively to "on" or "off" position, to make it forward or reverse drive motor, the actuator output shaft can achieve upward or downward movement. In the process of movement observation electric operator of the opening of the valve position on the table, when it accomplish the required control valve opening angle, we need to lose the toggle switch.

3. Filter parts line fault analysis

3.1 We often find power fuse was burn out or empty the trip.

3.1.1 Electric actuators are mostly installed in the poor working conditions where dust is more and easy to leak. We can always find dust and dirt in the power plug between 13 and 14 feet, namely there is a external "additional resistance" between the power plug 13, 14 feet, the penonemen will cause short circuit; Or there are leaking drops fall on the power socket making fuse burn out or trip out; Sometimes actuator internal capacitor (actuator motor commutation capacitance) shell blackouts, and shell will connect with watchcase causing power grounding and burn out the fuse tripping or trip out.

3.1.2 If electric actuators internal or transmission lines have a problem, at this point, can measure out plug of the actuator to check whether the internal has problems or the problem of transmission lines. If we pull the plug, the fuse will no longer be burned or trip out or its internal has a problem, or there is likely to be the transmission lines question. It is likely that the line close to plug can be affected by the tide, which causes the power short circuit.

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