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The Installation Method of Ball Valve Distributer

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When install valve ball valve distributer, we need to know the valve effective sealing of handwheel usag is depending on the parts of the overall situation. We must pay special attention to, in the packing before installation; we have to make sure the packing equipment has been isolated according to the field and system effectively. We can set the type and number according to the flow chart of pipeline and the instrument. When the flow chart of instrument have specific requirements for certain valve installation position, we should set according to the requirements of process. The type of valve ball valve distributer and temperature pressure level should be chosen in accordance with regulations of the various engineering of electric actuators level. Device area of the valve should be set in accessible, easy to operation and maintenance places.

Valve of rows pipeline should focus on the layout, and we should consider setting operation platform or ladder. The installation position of the valve must be easy to operation. Due to conveniently operation, maintenance and replacement of valve ball valve distributer, they should be located at the ground, platform, or near the easy access to the ladder. Pneumatic and electric valves also should be arranged in conveniently place. For valve Ball Valve distributer we don't need often operating, if we cannot operate on the ground, they should also be set in places where you can set up makeshift ladder.

The center of the valve handwheel apart from the operating surface height is between 750 ~ 1500 mm, the best height is 1200 mm, the installation height of valve ball valve distributer that we don't need to often operating is about 1500 ~ 1800 mm. When the installation height cannot reduce and the machine often needs operation, the design should be considered when reset operation. When the distance between valve hand wheel center operation surfaces is over 1800 mm high, we should set sprocket below, the chain wheel should be about 800 mm off the ground. In order not to affect the chain operation, the lower chains should be hang on the wall of the near or on the pillar.

For the pipeline installed in the valve, when open ditch cover plate to operate, the valve ball valve distributer should not be less than 300 mm under the trench cover. When the distance is less than 300 mm, we should set the valve extension rod to make the ball valve distributer within 100 mm under the ditch cover plate. For the pipeline that installed within the valve, it need to be installed on the ground, or be installed in a layer of floor at the bottom of the valve, we can set valve extension rod which extends to ditch cover plate, floor, platform. The distance between rod hand wheel and base operating side should around 1200 mm. The valves less than or equal to DN40 and threaded connection should not be operated using a sprocket or extension rod.

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