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The History of the Handwheel

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The main function of the handwheel in earlier handwheel history is one important part in numerical control machine, straight process center, level machining centre and door frame machining center. And then the handwheel history has been developed into being used in electric actuators , which marks the promotion of the science and technology. Although the handwheel history is short, it is enlarging its application range increasingly. And now, the handwheel possesses fresh design, easy operation interference resistance, large bearing ability and strong insulating ability.

The main function of the electric actuator handwheel is to be equipped with machine fittings, printing machines, spinning machinery, packaging machinery as well as medical apparatus and instruments and other kinds of machines to benefit users. And with the going on of the handwheel history, the application of the handwheels will be enlarged as well. And there are mainly three kinds of materials that are utilized in the middle of producing the handwheel. The natural rubber handwheel has the widest application in agriculture, national defense, transportation, manufacturing industry as well as medical health in our daily life. And the handwheel made from rubber has strong elasticity, satisfying insulativity, water and air proof, flexibility as well as wear off resistance. It is due to these features that the pneumatic actuators handwheel can have a wide applciation in our daily life.

In addition, the handwheel history reflects the technological developments in modern society. Scientific and technological promotion pushes the advancement of the handwheel history. Therefore, it can be said that the handwheel is the reflection of the contemporary. And nearly all machines need the handwheels to provide convenience for users. With the help of the handwheels, the users are able to carry the machines easier and more convenient. And using different materials to manufacture the handwheel is capable of meeting the demands of different machines. And there must be stripes on the handwheel so as to increase the friction force, which is beneficial in the middle of using the handwheel that is equipped with other kinds of machines.

However, up till now, the handwheel history continues to develop, and there are still defects we should carry out further promotion. For example, some handwheels have no corrosion resistance performance due to the materials of the handwheel. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with this problem without damaging the surface design of the handwheel and ordinary appearance. And some handwheel will be smooth enough when being wetted that people cannot handle it. Therefore, we should try to avoid the sliding problems with the technological promotion.

In conclusion, the handwheel is a kind of electric actuator that plays important role in modern engineering. It is one of the crucial components to nearly all machines.

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