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The Handwheel Operation of Natural Rubber

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The handwheel operation principle is the use of photoelectric encoder, it is a kind of through the photoelectric conversion the mechanical geometry on the output shaft displacement convert pulse or digital sensor, is the most used sensors. General photoelectric encoder is mainly composed of grating plate and photoelectric detection device. In a servo system, the light code disc coaxial with the motor, the motor rotates, grating plate with motor rotate speed. By calculating the number of photoelectric encoder output pulse per second can reflect current of motor speed. In addition, to judge the direction of rotation, the encoder can also provide the phase difference of 90 ° 2 channel optical code output, according to the change of state two-way light code to determine motor.

Bakelite, plastic and rubber are commonly used in the wheel material, natural rubber handwheel operation parts widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, traffic, transportation, machinery manufacturing, medicine and health care field and daily life, etc., is also due to the hand wheel made of this material has a strong elasticity, plasticity and good insulation, waterproof trapping, tensile and wear resistance, etc. And these characteristics are the handwheel operation using a wide range of applications.

Natural rubber handwheel operation is mainly used in machine tool equipment, printing machinery, and textile machinery, packaging machinery, medical equipment, petroleum and petrochemical equipment, the lid of the boiler accessories and so on.

Natural rubber handwheel operation use:

Natural rubber handwheel operation because of its strong elasticity, plasticity and good insulation, water gas, tensile and wear resistance and other characteristics, satellites, spacecraft, space shuttle, and so on all need a lot of rubber wheel parts.

Natural rubber handwheel operation, rubber wheel of raw rubber, mixing adhesive strength is relatively high. Appropriate green strength for rubber processing and shaping the handwheel operation is necessary.

Natural rubber handwheel operation of high mechanical strength because it is the reinforcement of rubber wheel, when stretched to form macromolecular chain along the stress direction orientation of crystallization.

Natural rubber handwheel operation the electric properties of natural rubber handwheel operation is non-polar substances, is a good insulating material. Natural rubber handwheel operation insoluble in acetone, ethanol, polarity is less soluble in water, 10% of hydrofluoric acid, 20% hydrochloric acid, 30% sulfuric acid, 50% sodium hydroxide, etc.

Natural rubber handwheel operation rubber piece of glass transition temperature was 72 ℃, the plastic flow temperature 130 ℃, began to decomposition temperature 200 ℃, intense decomposition temperature 270 ℃.Speed Control Valves are available for controlling valve opening or closing speed with pneumatic actuators .

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