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The Filter Facts as You Want to know

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The filter has a filter cartridge with a certain size of sieve. There are a few impurities are blocked on it when it need cleaning, simply take out the removable cartridge, next you can return it into right place after these operations. So the maintenance of filter is very convenient. In order to make more people to be more concrete and more specific understanding and awareness of it, there will be filter facts arranged by us for you next.

The filters are made up of simplified filter, stainless steel strainer, blowdown part , transmission and electrical control part. When the filter work, the water need to be filtered from the inlet through the sieve and next enter through the pipe required by users to enter through to for circulating the process. The pneumatic actuators and impurities in the water is trapped in the internal of sieve. And then recycles the trapped particles remained are more and more, the speed of filtering are more slowly, while the entry of water flowing remained steady flow of water entering the filter holes are getting smaller and smaller, thus there will be resulting in pressure difference between the intake and the outlet. When the difference reaches the value as settled, differential pneumatic actuators will send signals to the controller, then the control system starts the driving motor and drive the bearing rotation by transmission components, and at the same times open the drain outlet. The drainage will be discharged from the outfall.

After the strainer mesh is cleaned, the value of pressure decline to the minimum, the system returns to the initial filter–like and the system keep normal operation state. The filter consists of a shell, multiple filter elements, backwashing mechanism and differential pressure controller and other components. Diaphragms in the shell divided its inner cavity into upper and lower chambers, and the upper chamber is equipped with multiple filter elements. Because of this, there is a full of the filtering space in it and apparently reducing the volume of the filter. While the backwash sucker is installed in the lower chambers. When it works and turbid fluid enters the lower chambers of filter from the inlet, and then enter in the upper chamber of the filter element through the bulkhead.

Filters with high-intensity wedge filter elements can timely control self-cleaning filter through pressure control. When the impurities accumulation in the surface of filter elements will cause the pressure difference increasing to the value as settled, or the result of timer reaching the presetting time, the electric control will send out a signal, driving backwash mechanism.

These are filter facts about its basic structure and working principle as above. Now let’s briefly know about its applying fields what they are. Because of its filtration and purification, filters are widely used in various industries such as metallurgical, chemical, oil, paper, pharmaceutical, food, mining, electricity, urban water supplying. And so on. If you think the pneumatic actuators and electric actuators are important for valves applications, the filters are significant for valves controlling.

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