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The Development of World Known High Automatic Pneumatic Actuators Manufacture

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As is known to all, Chinese science and technology develops as time goes by. The world known pneumatic actuators manufacture came out under the high efficient and high-tech society background.

Pneumatic actuator is an execution device controlled by gas pressure in order to open or close regulating valve. It also called pneumatic actuators or pneumatic device. Pneumatic actuator is a unified whole with actuator and regulating mechanism, the actuator includes diaphragm piston fork type and gear rack type.

In the beginning, let me make a brief introduction about pneumatic actuators. Pneumatic actuators grew up with the rising of oil, chemical industry in 1960s, 1970s in Europe. Electric actuators could not meet explosion-proof requirements from oil, chemical industry, which hasten the born of pneumatic actuators. Actuators can be divided into pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuator according to its energy form. They are suitable for different occasions with their different characteristics.

And why is the world known pneumatic actuators manufacture is so popular at present?

First of all, pneumatic actuator is widely used in industry. Its have superior advantages that other actuators can not compete with. The development of the intelligent locater and the mature of the field bus technology bring a profound revolution to industrial automation production. Also, world known pneumatic actuators manufacture represents the development direction of pneumatic technology.

Recently, the pneumatic actuators manufacture develops rapidly.

Its advantages are obvious. The pneumatic actuators have direct action and reaction. It moves quickly, but it will be slower if the load increases. Also, it owns high reliability and it is simple to be maintained. Moreover, it owns a good environmental adaptability. In addition, it has large output power. It wears little, and has a long life as well as short replacement cycle. Last but not least, it has explosion-proof function.

While Gold cannot be pure and man cannot be perfect, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. There is no exception of the world known pneumatic actuators manufacture. It is inconvenient to conduct subdivision control and program control. In addition, it has a low control precision, and double-acting pneumatic actuator can not return to the default location after the air supply stops. Its disadvantages decide that it has large development space and a bright development prospect.

With the development of science and technology, artificialization doesn’t match the development of society, which makes high automation more and more popular.

The world known high automatic pneumatic actuators manufacture saves human resources with its high automation. It develops rapidly in the science and technology innovation background. That’s the reason why we should increase the input of production at starting point and develop intelligent product when big instrument companies abroad are developing new intelligent locater.

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