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The Development Trend of the Electric Actuators

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The rapid development of power electronic technology, computer technology as well as communication technology, it is bound to push the development of the electric actuators. And it is estimated that the electric actuators future trend is that mechatronics replaces split type structure; intelligent communication replace analog communication. And the control accuracy is higher and higher, usage environment wider and wider, function stronger and stronger, and reliability higher and higher to meet the changeable requirements of automatic control. And the electric actuators future trend is as follows.

1. Bus and networked trend

In foreign countries, the factory automation engineering technology based on industry local area network technology has gained considerable development in recent ten years. The electric actuators future trend should be equipped with standard SC and specialized LAN connector to increase the interconnected ability of electric actuators and control equipment. There is only one cable or optical cable, and it is possible to connect tens of electric actuators or host computers to a whole numerical control system.

2. Digitization and intelligence trend

The intelligence is the trend of all industrial control equipment. And cheap single chip and new type high speed microprocessor are going to replace completely control units that take the analog electronic devices as the principle thing of the electric actuators to realize fully digitized control system. The electric actuators future trend of full digitalization change original hardware controls into software control, so that to apply the advanced algorithm of the modern control theory in electric actuators to improve the control performance. The traditional electric actuators generally are regarded as linear system that consists of amplification link and integration element. However, in fact, most of the parameters of the actuators are going to change in the middle of the operation. In addition, compared to pneumatic actuator and surge actuator, the intelligent electric actuators with easy connection, strong function as well as reliable usage is going to enlarge its application range.

3. Miniaturization and mechatronics of the electric actuators future trend

High integration of the power electronics, using of single chip and strong functions makes the size of the electric actuators smaller and smaller, developing towards miniaturization and lighting. At present, generally, the intelligent electric actuators hold the whole control loop into one field instrument, integrating actuating motor and field instrument controller. The integration of the electric actuators makes the installation and adjustment of the actuator simplify. And installing the whole control loop into one field instrument is able to reduce the influence to systems due to influence factors such as reveal and interference in the middle of signal transmitting, improving the reliability of the electric actuators system.

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